Did Samsung Launch Galaxy A42 5G With Waterproof IP Rating?

We already saw some stunning mid-range phones from Samsung early this year, in the face of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. Well, another good news has come up in the form of the all-new Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, which is expected to launch very soon. It is again going to be a mid-range device with exceptional features and design. The launch was recently announced on 2nd September 2020 and is expected to be in the market by this early November.

Until now, we only had a glance at the device, which looks interesting. And the first look itself is driving people crazy as they seem to learn more about the device. Samsung lovers are already prepared with tons of questions, out of which one is about Samsung Galaxy A42 5G being waterproof.

Normally, we get to see a waterproof IP rating only with the high-end phones. But 2020 has already been a year full of surprises; who knows what else could happen? So, in this article, we will discuss all the specs and features of the device. Finally, we will conduct Samsung Galaxy A42 5G  waterproof test to find out if Samsung really provides a waterproof IP rating to the device.

Did Samsung Launch Galaxy A42 5G With Waterproof IP Rating?

Did Samsung Launch Galaxy A42 5G With Waterproof IP Rating?

Waterproof phones are highly in-demand today. This is because of their extraordinary features and capabilities, which make them indestructible, even in robust situations.

A waterproof IP rating means an extra protective layer that protects the devices from dust, rain, or water splashes. Moreover, it also ensures that you can use those devices underwater with no hesitation at all.

Now, as we know how much people like to have a little extra. So, if Samsung launches the Galaxy A42 5Gwith a waterproof certification, this will give the users the freedom to take amazing underwater selfies, shoot high-quality videos, and more. In addition, if the Galaxy A42 receives a waterproof IP rating, it will be a bonus for a mid-range phone.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Specification

Look wise, and the Galaxy A42 5Gcomes with a slim and sleek design. It is available in three color variants: black, white, and grey. It comes with a 6.6 inches Super AMOLED touchscreen display with a 20:9 ratio. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 690, Android 10, One UI 2.5.

The under-display fingerprint sensor works fast and smooth. One of the most highlighted parts is the 5000mAh battery that comes with a 15 Watt fast charging support.

Besides, Samsung has done a pretty good job with the camera section too. The Galaxy A42 features a quad-camera setup, which includes a 48MP main camera + 8MP ultrawide + 5MP macro + 5MP depth sensor. On the other hand, the front camera comprises a 20MP wide-angle lens. Other than this, the device comes with all the essential sensors such as an accelerometer, gyro meter, proximity sensor, compass, etc.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Waterproof Test

The Galaxy A42 seems to hold great specifications being a mid-range phone. However, since there is no official statement confirming the waterproof IP rating of the device, users are a bit confused with the fact.

So, we will hold a waterproof test on the Samsung Galaxy A42 to ensure if it can really survive in tight environments or not. This test will check if the device is both dustproof and waterproof.


The waterproof test results are purely based on individual/team observation. These tests will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not to try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

After conducting the waterproof test on the Galaxy A42, the final result comes out to be negative. The device started malfunctioning, and the display is completely unresponsive. Neither the buttons nor the I/O ports seem to work properly.

Damage Part/component Galaxy A42
Screen unresponsive display
Camera / sensors working
Speaker & earpiece working
I/O ports charging port issues & volume buttons not working

The device is fully affected by water, which proves that it is neither waterproof nor water-resistant. Hence, it cannot tolerate rigorous situations like dust, sand, rain, or water.  The Galaxy A42 is perfectly suitable for regular use. However, it does not come among the vigorous options.


The Galaxy A42 is definitely worth buying both from its pricing point of view and the lavish performance. You can even experience some high-end gaming, and both the cameras come with stunning quality. Even after being such highly crafted, the device doesn’t yet have enough to hold on to extreme situations.

It is good for normal use, but not an ideal option to use underwater. Even a fine water-splash can cause huge damage to the device. So, if you are looking for an overall mid-range phone with good performance, the Galaxy A42 is a great option. The only thing is you need to take good care of the device and keep it away from wet environments, sand, or water.

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