How to Save Game Manually on Scorn

Everyone is loving the newly released horror game Scorn. After its announcement, the game has been released after 8 years. Due to this, there are a lot of players who are just playing the game with whole fun.

When the players are playing the game, the important thing that comes to their mind is game progress and save game. It is very important for the players that their game gets saved at every stage. The same thing is happening with the Scorn players. They are confused that how can they save the game manually at any time.

So, here we are with the guide where we will tell you how to save the Scorn game progress.


Can I Save the Game Manually on Scorn?

A lot of users are confused that how the game will be saved on the Scorn. Due to this, they are not able to play the game with proper breaks. As they are confused that whether the game level has been saved or not.

We all know how much important is saving the game. The Scorn is a horror gameplay-based game and for completing it, you will have to play it steadily. As a lot of gamers have already completed the game and reported that they were able to complete the game in 10 hours. But for playing it with full enjoyment, you will need to play it with proper breaks. So, the save game feature will be going to help you very much this time.

There are two game save options that are generally available in the game: Manually and Auto-Save. In the manual option, the game needs to be solved manually by the users at any time.

So, for it, there will be some functions that will manually save the game whenever you will want at any stage. Once you have manually saved the game, then you will be able to play it from that point without any issues.

The Auto-Save option is the other method through which you will be able to save the game. You just have to reach a certain stage or checkpoint by which the game will be saved and you will be able to start from that point.

The Scorn also comes with the save game function, but it does not have the option for manually saving the game which is kind of bad news for the players.

How To Save Game on Scorn

Scorn comes with a game-saving feature that will automatically save the progress once you reach a particular stage. Whenever you think that you have to save the game, then you will need to reach the checkpoint of that particular level. So, make sure that you have reached the checkpoint before exiting the game.

After saving the game you will be able to play from that checkpoint and continue enjoying your game.


We hope that you all have got the answer that how you will save the game progress in Scorn. If you still have any doubts then do let us know in the comment section below.

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