Sea of Thieves 2: Release Date and Rumors

The fans expect a sequel soon, but there is no sign of when you will see it. In this article, we will address everything about Sea of Thieves 2, including the rumours and the release date. Already in the beginning of 2022, the developers posted a video that showed the plans for developing the Sea of Thieves 2, which was a hint that the game is under development.

Sea of Thieves is a very popular game that allows you to play as a pirate, and you can also get your crews on your ship. Your crew can be your friends or somebody you know. The game was released in 2018, developed by Rare, and Published by Microsoft Studios. The game is an open world that allows you to experience the wildness of the Sea. And there is news that there will also be a second sequel of the game.

Sea of Thieves 2 Release Date and Rumors

Sea of Thieves 2 release date Rumors

There is no official confirmation of when the sequel of the much-awaited Sea of Thieves game will be released. But that does not mean that there won’t be any sequels. There are Rumors that the game can be released in 2026 or 2025, but they are all rumors and can not be trusted blindly. The creative director, Mark Chapman of Rare, talked with the Xbox Wire, and in the conversation, he stated.

“I think 10 years of Sea of Thieves will feel like a long time–but also, we’ll blink and be there. And I think we’ll have unfinished business when we get to that point”

This statement simply means that Rare is continuously working on the enhancement of the game and how it can be updated at Sea level. There might be a chance that there will be no sequel but an updated game for players around the world.

What can you expect with the Sea of Thieves in a whole new update?

As the Creative Director of the Rare has cleared that they have an unfinished business, and that simply means there won’t be a Sea of Thieves 2 soon. But you can see an updated version of the game sooner. However, you can expect a few changes in the game. Here are the things you can see changes in the Sea of Thieves.

The Combat System will be Complex

Sea of Thieves 2: Release Date and Rumors

The combat system in the existing game is pretty awesome, but you will see a big change in the sequel. There will be a more complex Combat system in the game. There could be the addition of a new machine or weapons.

Cross-Server Progression

You will be able to save your progress even when you move to a different server. With the addition of this Cross-Server progression, you can easily move between servers.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting is one feature that is very much needed in the Sea of Thieves. You can get rid of the griefers of the sea. This feature requires the griefers to be on the map. The developers can also give a feature to join allies to fight the griefers in the Sea.

Ability to escape PvP

Sea of Thieves 2: Release Date and Rumors

Escaping PvP is very difficult in the Sea of Thieves. You can expect a feature to avoid any ship battles in the game, this will reduce your chances of taking on another player’s ship, and you can get away nicely.

Add-On Features

There will be some add-on features that will be added to the game to make it exciting, as the repetitive ship battles are boring and do not excite most of the players. This will make it more unique.


So, these were all the rumors about the Sea of Thieves 2 sequel game. As the Creative Director of Rare has already said that the game will not be expecting any sequel any time soon. But, there is an update promised by the developers, who are working on their “Unfinished Business”. You can expect more intense gameplay in the upcoming years.

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