Is Sons of the Forest on Epic Games?

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest is a survival-horror game developed by the same studio that developed the highly acclaimed The Forest. It’s set for release in 2022, and fans eagerly anticipate it. As we explore the game’s features and talk about whether it will be available on Epic Games, we will discuss whether it will be available there.

Is Sons of the Forest on Epic Games?

Overview of Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you play a character in a mysterious forest in a first-person survival horror game. This game is about a lone survivor who is stranded in the woods after a plane crash. It is up to the player to navigate treacherous terrain, scavenge for resources, and find answers to Forest’s mysteries as they battle deadly creatures.

With the game’s robust crafting system, players can create weapons, tools, and structures to help them survive. In addition to solving puzzles and uncovering secrets, players will discover secrets as they progress.

The visuals in Sons of the Forest are among its most noteworthy aspects. As the players enter the Forest, the game’s graphics are stunning and highly detailed, enveloping them in a dark and eerie atmosphere.

Gameplay and Mechanics

There are a few noteworthy improvements to Sons of Forest’s gameplay as compared to The Forest. In the game, the AI for enemies has been improved, making them unpredictable and more challenging. In addition to managing hunger and thirst, players must also deal with the effects of human fecundity on their bodies.

Additionally, players can combine items to create higher-power tools and weapons through the revamped crafting system. There are a number of items to collect in the game, starting with the basics, such as sticks and stones and progressing to more advanced items, such as metal and explosives.

Combat is intense and visceral, with guns, explosives, and melee weapons at your disposal in Sons of the Forest. There are many types of enemies in the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, so combat must be done strategically.

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Story and Atmosphere

It is a mystery as to how Sons of the Forest came to be, with only a few details known at present. In the trailer, the Forest is littered with strange creatures and symbols, implying a supernatural element to the story.

Throughout the game, the Forest serves as a constant threat to the player, which makes the atmosphere unsettling and oppressive. Besides the dreadful sounds of rustling leaves, creaking branches, and animal cries, the game’s sound design is excellent.

Are Sons of the Forest on Epic Games?

Some speculation has been that Sons of the Forest will be coming to Epic Games, one of the most popular PC gaming platforms. There is currently no information as to whether the game will be available on Epic Games.

Endnight Games have not officially announced game availability on Epic Games, and pre-orders are not currently available. Nevertheless, the previous game by the studio, The Forest, is available on Epic Games, so Sons of the Forest may follow suit. In the meantime, fans must wait for more information regarding the game’s release and platform availability.


In terms of survival horror, Sons of the Forest is shaping up to be an exciting and terrifying addition. It’s no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting its release, given its stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and mysterious story.

Sons of the Forest will also be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox 360, although Epic Games is uncertain whether the game will be available there. So, that’s all we have for you on whether or not Sons of the Forest will available in the Epic Games store or not. We hope that you find this article helpful. Furthermore, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know

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