Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard Location

If you’re looking for the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard location, we have just the guide for you. Starfield is the latest space themed RPG out there, developed by Bethesda Softworks. You can explore over a thousand different planets, all of which have various resources that you can collect to craft equipment and weapons. The silent protagonist of the game is yours to customise, and you can even choose specific traits to make your character more personalised. As you progress through the story, you can unlock additional traits as well. In this guide, we will take you through how to find the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard location.

Starfield has a massive game map, with the largest city in the game being New Atlantis. In fact, it is the most expansive fictional city that Bethesda has ever developed. There are lots of non player characters that you will come across in these locations, and they will help you in your quest or give you tasks to complete for rewards which will further your progress in the game. Your crew members are there to assist you as well, be it on missions or as a guard for the outposts that you construct. Let’s find out where you can find the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard location.

Where is the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard?

Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard 2

With over a thousand planets, there are bound to be plenty of locations on the game map that you might want to explore. One of them is the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard, which is pretty straightforward to find as you will get to it during the initial stages of the game. As you are completing the mission from the faction Constellation to search for Moara, you will need to head to this location.

You can get this quest by joining the faction Constellation, where you will need to look for Sarah Morgan’s contact Moara. By following the main questline, you should come across it eventually as it is one of the earliest missions of the game. The name of the quest is The Old Neighbourhood, and it involves looking for Moara who has one of the Artifact McGuffins. This quest will eventually direct you towards the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard.

Once you have received the quest, you will need to make your way over to the United Colonies headquarters. At this location, you will meet the character John Tuala who will initially try to convince you to join another faction in the game, which is the United Colonies Vanguard. Then, he will ask you to visit Cydonia, which is part of the quest, so you should do as he says.

You can get to Cydonia by travelling to the planet Mars in the solar system. Here, you will find a bartender who will try to get you to pay Moara’s pending tab, which is just a way to cheat you out of your money. However, you will eventually get the task of going to the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard.

Where to find Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard

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With the quest in hand, you should be able to find the location quite easily. Make your way to the earth’s moon, which is called Luna, and this is where the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard is situated. You will need to select Luna as your ship’s destination to visit the moon, and on your way, you should be able to see the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard floating in front of the celestial body.

Once the Staryard is in range of your spaceship, you will need to select it and use the Dock option. You can do this by pressing A on Xbox or E on PC. After docking your ship to the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard, you will be able to exit your spacecraft and head inside the area.

Now you’re finally inside the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard. However, you should be cautious, as this location isn’t like the other shipyards that you might have come across. Your first encounter will be with a corpse, and then some spacers who will attack you as you are from the Constellation faction. Clear these spacers as you take their loot and search the locked rooms while going through the shipyard. You won’t be disappointed with what you find, as there is a good stash of weapons at this location.

Your goal is to find more information about Moara, who is the person in the quest that you are looking for. So, keep looking through the shipyard until you come across a Dataslate which contains the location of Moara. His ship is next to Neptune, so you will need to make your way there. Thus, your task at the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard ends here and you can move onto the next.


That brings us to the end of our Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard location guide. While the area isn’t that difficult to find, some players might have trouble docking their ship before it lands on the moon. Make sure to press the right buttons so that your spacecraft stops and you can enter the shipyard right away. We hope that this guide helped you dock your ship to the Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard and enter the location successfully. Make sure to check out our other guides for the newest space themed game, Starfield.

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