Steam Deck Not Showing All Games in Library (Solved)

The Steam Deck is a revolutionary portable gaming system that combines the power of PC gaming with a sleek console-like interface. It is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end. The unique formula of the Steam Deck allows you to play Windows games with unprecedented efficiency, much like the Nintendo Switch.

However, there seems to be an issue with the system after the recent OS update. Some games are not showing up in the library. While it is unclear why this is happening, there is no need to worry about it. We have some troubleshooting workarounds that will help you resolve this problem. Let’s take a look at those fixes.

Fix: Steam Deck Not Showing All Games in Library

How To Fix Steam Deck Not Showing All Games in Library

Some workarounds available have the potential to resolve the Steam Deck not showing all games in the library issue. So, if you also find your Steam Deck plagued with this problem, make sure to perform these fixes:

Fix 1: Try These Basic Fixes

  • Before you start using the Steam Deck, make sure it is paired with the device you intend to use. Hold down the (A) and Steam buttons while turning off your Deck and plugging in the wireless USB dongle.
  • It may also be worth checking your Steam Client if it’s not up to date. Launch the Steam client and select Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates… to see if there are any updates available…
  • In order to run the Steam Client in Big Picture Mode, you will need to run it in Big Picture Mode. The Steam Deck can be turned on by clicking the rectangle with two opposing arrows icon at the top of the Steam Client. As part of the Big Picture Interface, it is designed to work.
  • If it persists, the problem may require Steam to be run as an administrator. To do that:
    1. The Steam installation folder is located at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam.
    2. Right-click steam.exe and select it.
    3. Make sure this program is running as an administrator.
  • It is also recommended that you enable the Steam Overlay. In order to enable:
    1. If you are in Big Picture mode, you will find the Settings icon at the top right corner of the client.
    2. Make sure Steam Overlay is selected under Features.
    3. The Steam Overlay can be enabled by checking the box.
  • The Steam Client Beta is available to anyone who is interested in trying it out. With the Steam Client installed early, users will have access to updates and fixes before the regular Steam Client is released. You can opt-in by:
    • Well, the Settings icon can be found at the top right of the client.
    • Select System from the menu.
    • Verify that the Participate in Client Beta checkbox is selected.
    • Last but not least, click Check for Updates. If updates are available, it will automatically download and install them. 

Fix 2: Charge It or Change The Batteries

In some cases, Steam Deck is not showing all games in the library because they haven’t been charged properly. The Deck frequently stops loading apps when the batteries aren’t fully charged. Although this may seem strange, it happens quite frequently.

If you want to ensure that your iPhone is charging properly, ensure that all the charging cables are secured or plugged in/out properly. However, if you are still experiencing Steam Deck not showing all games in the library, you can check again. 

Fix 3: Power Cycle/Reboot Your Deck

When all cables are connected to your Deck station, you may encounter some random bugs or glitches with your Steam Deck. It is, therefore, imperative to flush these bugs from your device’s RAM as soon as possible. This can, however, be achieved by power cycling. Therefore, you must power cycle your Deck as follows:

  1. You should turn your Steam Deck off by pressing the power button.
  2. Afterward, remove all wires and cables, including the power cable. 
  3. Once that is done, wait about 20 to 30 seconds before plugging in the cables.
  4. Restart the Steam Deck if you are having trouble. The issue may have been resolved if you turned the power back on. 

Fix 4: Check The Power Connection

Are you sure that your device receives enough power? You may be experiencing this problem because the port or socket you are using isn’t functioning properly, causing your Steam Deck not to show all games in the library.

Because of this, it is important to ensure that there are no fluctuations in the electricity so that your Deck is not damaged. You may want to try using another socket or port while you check whether the port has any problems. It should, however, be charged for 2-3 hours before you use it again.

Fix 5: Check For Damage

Even though there is very little chance of your Deck having external damage, we couldn’t ignore the possibility. There are times when a small dent can cause the device to malfunction. All the cables should be unplugged again after you turn off the power button.

It is a good idea to take your Deck out and inspect it thoroughly to see if it has any damage. The Steam service center should be contacted if you find any damage at the Steam service center without taking any chances. 

Fix 6: Clean The Ports

If you have dirt or debris in the charging cable, it could prevent it from connecting properly to your device. Steam Deck ports should be cleaned regularly, so this is a good idea.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use sharp objects to clean the ports since this could result in severe damage. You can replace low-capacity air blowers with cotton sticks, for instance.

Fix 7: Contact the Support Team

Are you still experiencing the error? We advise you to get in touch with customer service if that is the case. If you have any complaints, you can create a ticket on their support page or send them an e-mail. You will receive a reply shortly; therefore, be patient until they provide you with instructions on how to fix the Steam Deck is not showing all games in the library. 

So, that’s how to fix the Steam Deck is not showing all games in the library. We hope that this guide has helped you. Furthermore, comment below and let us know if you have any doubts or queries in your mind.


  1. How cleaning the ports can help when my games are not showed in library? this is 2/10 article. Not helpful really.

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