Why is my Stock Purchase Pending on Cash App?

Cash App also offers its users to buy bitcoin and other company stocks from the comfort from their homes. However, new users are not familiar with the platform and often end up with bad trades or with stock purchase pending status on Cash App. Today we are going to address this issue and tell some potential solutions. 

Currently, Cash App users face a constant error on their iOS and Android devices while stock purchasing. Nevertheless, a purchase pending notification becomes a bottleneck for the traders who are not happy with this annoying error. Today, while navigating through Quora form, we notice those affected by this error seek an easy fix.

The issue mainly arises due to large fluctuations in stock price, and many volatile stocks are also listed, which has a vicious price change. These changes cause a stock purchase to remain pending on your order status. In most scenario, this clears up once the price of your purchases matches stock price, but if it doesn’t, then here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.

Why is my Stock Purchase Pending on Cash App

Why Is My Stock Purchase Pending On Cash App?

Talking about the Stock Market, then currently, the world of stock and options moves faster. Trader finds a remunerative investment opportunity while investing in stocks. But, this type of issues causing delays and interrupts the trading, resulting in a considerable loss. This purchase pending issue on Cash App occurs due to any reason such as lack of funds, a connection error, server issue, etc.

Connectivity Issues

In such a case, the problem is in the Cash App servers and not from your end. So, you don’t need to worry because Cash App servers have had antiquity of going down in the past, which evolve in system outages. You can find out if this is the reason for your purchase is pending issue by checking the Cash Apps Status page or logging into their Twitter feed. Generally, Cash App update on Twitter if they made changes to terms and service or any ongoing problems with their systems.

Not Enough Funds Available

If the connection issue is not the reason for this error, then it might be possible that your Cash App account is running out of funds or may not have enough fund to purchase those stocks.

So, check your account balance to make sure that your linked bank account has enough endowment or not. Moreover, also check if your debit or credit card has not expired because it is possible that you may apply for renewal for your card and have received a new card with a different account number and expiration date. So, you need to make sure and fill the renewed card details into your Cash App linked account.

Payment Amount Exceeds Limits

In case, you don’t have a verified account on Cash App, and you are limited to sending $250/week and receiving $1,000/month. So, go and check your pending payment exceeds the limits or not. If yes, then go and verify your identity on Cash App and increase these limits. A verified account on Cash App will able to send up to $7,500 along with an unlimited receiving amount.

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Poor Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

It might be possible why your request is pending. A weak or poor internet connection can interrupt data transfer, resulting in a pending status while purchasing a stock. So, you need to make sure there is no interruption in connection when you’re purchasing a stock.

Outdated Cash App Application

Did you update your Cash App regularly or last time when you updated your Cash App?

This might be a reason why your stock purchase is stuck in a pending state. So, go and check if there is any update available for you and after updating reboot your smartphone to apply the changes. Now, check if you’re still encountering the purchase pending pop-up.

Try To Cancel the Pending Payment

Generally, there is no option available to cancel your request, means once you tapped on the Send option, you’ll not be able to cancel your payment request. But, to ensure login into your Cash App profile and find out the questionable pending payment and see if there is any cancel option available or not.

In case, you didn’t find any cancel option there then do not try to enter or resend the amount because this could result in double withdrawal from your account. So, wait until the problem resolved by the developers.

Contact To Customer Support

If the reasons mentioned above not causes the problem for you, then the last option is to contact customer support of Cash App. Woefully, there is no customer care number available for Cash App users. You need to send your issue to them via email and wait for there response. Sometimes you need to wait for a long for their response.


Cash App is slowly rolling out new features and buying and selling of stocks one of their new features which users are falling n love with. It’s obvious that some users might face the pending stock purchase notification, but don’t worry as these stocks purchases will soon complete. Just make sure to update your Cash App to the latest version before buying or selling any stock.

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