Fix: Cash App Unable to Sign in | How to Fix Login Problem

Cash App is a simple, safe and free-of-cost application for transferring money from one’s bank account to another online. With the help of Cash App, you can send and receive money, collect a debit card and can also set up direct deposits from your bank account to another account. This app also offers some interesting features like investing in shares. One can even buy stocks worth one dollar via this app quite easily if they wish. There are a few additional advantages of this app. Users can buy bitcoins too here. With the feature of Cash App Taxes, users can very easily file their charges free of cost. This app’s many useful and alluring features keep its demand in the market very high. Cash App can be used by anyone aged 13 and above. Though users under 18 need a parent or guardian’s approval to get access to some of its features.

Apart from all these features, sometimes users face a problem during signing in. The screen shows a message “Unable to Sign in on this device”. Users are facing this problem almost every day. It is of great inconvenience to all the users when they need to make an urgent payment but cannot sign in to this app.  But we are here to put an end to this problem. We will be discussing how to fix login problem in the Cash App on your device without facing any problem. At first, we will be discussing the reasons behind this issue and then we will be discussing the ways to get rid of it.

cash app unable to sign in

Cash App Unable to Sign in: What are the reasons?

There can be various reasons behind this inconvenience. A few of the potential reasons are being discussed here. Go through and find the actual reason behind your problem:

  1. VPN or Any Other Hidden Tool Detection: A VPN or proxy connection can intercept the network and can cause an error with the Cash app.
  2. Policy Violation: If for any reason the user violates the terms and conditions of this app they will get the same quoted notification. And the app will not let the user sign in.
  3. Poor or Unsafe Network: While using a public network or a new network the app may fear getting hacked or other malicious activity. Or if the network connection is weak the app can also forbid the user from logging in.
  4. Logging in from Multiple Devices: One of the major causes of this inconvenience is staying logged in to multiple devices at a time from a particular account only. As Cash App has strict rules and regulations to prevent scammers or hackers from hacking it, they will not allow this.
  5. An Outdated App: Sometimes the problem comes from using the older version of the app on the device to which you are trying to login.
  6. Providing Incorrect Information: Putting wrong passwords or OTPs several times at a stretch can cause the app to not allow you to login.

How to Fix Cash App Unable to Sign in?

Now as we have discussed all the reasons behind this, we will be discussing the way out too. Using the solutions provided you can fix it within a few minutes.

Fix 1: Clear Background Apps and Disable VPN

Due to its various features, the Cash App has a strict policy for its users to prevent users from facing any harassment from scammers or loss of money. So, if an app is running in the background of your device that anyhow blocks the access of the Cash App to access your device’s location, you should stop it to login.

In some other cases, a VPN connection can intercept the app to connect to its server. If you are using a VPN, it’d be a great decision to turn off that VPN and try logging in again.

Fix 2: Be Aware of the Policies of this App

Staying aware and abiding by the rules of this app every time you are using it or trying to login from any device is the key solution to many of the problems faced by the users of this app. Sometimes you won’t even know that you have violated a policy and your account is harmed for that. So, always try to read the Terms and Conditions before using the app.

Fix 3: Use a Secure Network Connection

If you are facing problems while logging in using some new or public network, then there must be some security reasons. To avoid this you must use some safe network or the networks you have used previously while using this app. It can be your mobile’s cellular network or the Wi-Fi you use on a daily basis.

Fix 4: Log out from Other Devices

Cash App’s user policy does not allow anyone to stay logged in to different devices using the same account. This violates their terms and conditions. So make sure you are not logged in to any other device other than the one you want to use the app.

Fix 5: Update the App Regularly

Keep your app up to date. The company gives you many updates for bug fixes or for better user experience or sometimes some major features which are essential for the app’s smooth execution. 

Fix 6: Put Correct Information

Putting correct information in the correct place is a must. Logging in would be impossible if you put wrong information like passwords, email addresses, etc. In case you have forgotten this information, use the Forgot Password feature to reset your password.

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Fix 7: Check if Cash App Server is Down

You guessed it right. This issue is very common with other services too. There are many scenarios where the server of a particular app faces downtime. Cash App is also one of them. There might be times when Cash App might face downtime. If you have tried all the solutions and still failed to sign in, you can visit Downdetector and check for any possible downtime.

Final Thoughts

After going through this article, I hope you will find out the exact problem regarding your login problem and solve it on your own within a few minutes only. Hassle-free usage will not be impossible anymore. However, if your issue is not yet solved with the above-mentioned solutions, you can try contacting their Customer Support for further help.


  1. I just wanted to know why I can’t use my to put my cash app on my phone back again it will not let me it says that it’s closed can you please tell me why and can I have my cash app thing back on my phone the ad and for me to log in and stop because I can’t do that either

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