How to Know If someone Tapped your Phone ?

In our modern era, we ought to use our smartphones for everything. Whether it is banking, calling, taking messages, sending out emails, checking bank accounts, and much more. With more and more computational power is being added to our smartphones, hackers are more interested in hacking them.

There are many incidents where people lose their money; there saved password, private picture, and much more in a hacking case. It all starts when hackers successfully tape your phone. Now it is easy to know if somebody tapped your phone, but it’s hard to know the source and delete it altogether. With your phone being taped, the hacker can listen to your calls, read your SMS, and, most importantly, destroy your important user data.

We store most of our important documents, data, and pictures in our smartphones because they are handy and easy to use. But we also save sensitive information such as login password, bank details, credit card details, and much more. In any incident where your phone is tapped by any hacker or your business enemies, then your data is at significant risk.

How to Know If someone Tapped your Phone

What is Smartphone Tapping, and How you can detect one?

Smartphone tapping is a process hackers use when they try to hack into your device. They tap your device screen movements, your fingerprint data, your long password, and messages. After getting these details, hackers can easily track you and your data. In many scenarios, hackers gain full control over your device and delete all private or sensitive information. In some cases, via phone tapping, hackers get access to details like bank accounts, credit card information, which is further used for illegal stuff.

If in case your phone is tapped, then your data is at considerable risk! Either it is being read by a hacker or cyber-terrorist. Also, with phone tapping, hackers can pinpoint your exact location, copy the one-time password, hack into your bank accounts, and much more. So today, we are here with simple techniques you can use to detect or know if somebody tapped your phone and eradicating it.

How to Know If someone Tapped your Phone?

As day by day, the Security is growing more strongly; the hackers are finding different ways to bypass the system. One of the major concerns of Security, these days is about our personal data. The majority of people use a smartphone these days; peoples personal information are stored on their devices. Hackers or groups of people may try to have access to your personal information for their personal gain. Even more, if your phone is tapped, your activity can be recorded.

The phone can be tapped using a third-party application, malware, backdoors, or by simply installing spyware on your device. It is a major concern for anyone if someone is watching someone’s life. There are many ways to know if your phone is tapped. To know how to be sure of it that your phone is tapped, read the following guide, and check your phone accordingly.

Unexpected Apps installed on your device.

Firstly, check the apps that you have installed on your device. If you have found apps that are installed on your device that you don’t remember being installing on your device, then uninstall the app immediately. However, if your system is hijacked by someone, you will probably face a problem while uninstalling the application.

Random Advertisements

If random ads prompt appears on your device, then be concerned and find the source, the app that is causing the ads to appear. Uninstall the apps. It is possible that the app that contains malware is invisible, so you must do a factory reset to wipe out everything. Third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are always spying on you, so restrict the permissions given to the apps.

Unusual Battery Drop

If your phone has bee tapped, then the malware that is sending your personal information to the server is active every time and consuming lots of memory and CPU processing. This will cause the battery percentage to drop drastically, and your phone temperature will rise.  To check this theory, charge your phone to its full limit (100%) and don’t use your device for several minutes. Check your battery percentage; if it is dropped more than 10% of your initial percentage without and usage, then it is possible your phone is being tapped.

To prevent this, you should go to your manufacturer, or you must check your battery. Sometimes there might be a battery problem. Otherwise, you can also try Factory reset to remove the malware, but it might not be that effective.

Unexpected High Data usage

The malware that is sending your device information to the server will use your mobile data any time, and this will cause some background noises. To verify that, turn off the data of your device, and check if it is turned on automatically. Check your recent activity and compare it to the data usage if your data is unexpectedly high than your phone might have been tapped by someone.

Unusual Background Noises

To check the background noise, turn your data off and stop all the background apps, Now listen to the loudspeaker of your phone. If your phone has been tapped, you will hear some noises. However, the human ear cant listens to various frequencies. Therefore, if you have a mic, then try to record the noise in a silent or acoustic environment. This will give you a clear result. If you hear some noises, your phone may have been tapped.

Suspicious and unexpected activities

Go through your recent activities on your device, check if the notification is seen automatically. Check for texts that you have been sent from your device. If you find anything that you don’t remember, then keep a tap on it check if it happens again. Then it is confirmed that the phone is tapped.

Go through your recent activist on your social media sides and search for the web for your information. It is possible that if your phone has been tapped, there will be an information leak on the web, or they might just have hijacked your social media accounts. Check the permissions of all the apps and see if you see anything suspicious. Any permissions are turned on automatically.

Trouble Shutting Down your device or Unusual interferences

Try Shutting Down your phone; if the phone is not shutting down as usual, then it is sure that there might be a malware in your device that is tapping your phone. A strong malware will hijack your system administrator and will not let you turn the device off.

Check for any unusual interferences like while you are not using your phone, it is suddenly connected to other devices at your home like TV, AC, etc. Even more, tapped devices also radiate static electromagnetic frequencies, so when you are using other devices like a laptop while your phone is near, you can hear unusual noises on your laptop.

What To Do If Your Phone Is Tapped?

If you confirm that your phone is tapped by following the above guide, then obviously you will ask – how to remove the tapping, or how you can prevent your device from being tapped. The process is rather simple-

  • Uninstall non-useful apps.
  • Remove camera and mic permissions from apps that are not necessary.
  • Remove everything from your Phone gallery for a while.
  • You have to Factory reset your device.
  • Make sure to change your social accounts passwords.
  • Make sure to logout all Whatsapp web and Telegram web applications.
  • Clear out all messages from your device.
  • Change your Google account or iCloud password.
  • Install antivirus app and remove all viruses or malware.


Our smartphones are an essential piece of gadgets we own. Most of us use it as a wallet, as a banking machine, as an office machine, and whatnot. Most of us have very sensitive data stored on our device, which can be hacked if somebody tapped your phone. So follow the above methods to find out whether you are taped or not. And in case you have other bizarre taping experience, then let us know in the comment section below.

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