The Forest Best Axe Location 2023

Alone in a forest without a weapon sounds dangerous, which is why The Forest game has a few weapons you can use. In this article, we will discuss a weapon called Axe and the best locations to find one. The game revolves around the story where a plane crashes, and you are the lone survivor in a forest. You have to fight your way out alone in the Forest that is full of mysteries and cannibalistic mutants. The game has a few perks that make this game even more exciting.

Every tree in the game can be chopped down, you will have lots of underground worlds as well. But cutting trees without a sharp weapon like an axe can be quite difficult. The modern Axe is the best weapon in the Forest game with extensive powers and abilities, but to get that first you need to find the location of this Axe and fight some enemies to get your hands on this powerful beast.

The Forest Best Axe Location 2022

The Forest Best Axe Location 2023

With a variety of Axe present in the game but none as good as compared to the Modern Axe, this is the top-tier weapon but you need to work to get this.

The modern Axe has a carbon steel head, with the shaft made up of fibreglass. It can cut trees like Vegetables. The Modern Axe gives five bars of damage when it is used as a weapon. However, the modern Axe swings slower than the plane Axe.

It breaks almost all kinds of damage and is very effective against Cannibals. The modern axe needs 7.9 stamina points per swing and 23 points for a power attack. It can do more than three times as much damage as the katana (with upgrades). The modern axe is frequently considered the best weapon in the game.

How to find the Modern Axe?

Now, you know how good this weapon is, but how can you get your hands on this weapon? This section is all about that. You must go through this section to get your hands on the Modern Axe.

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The Modern Axe is located in the hidden stash room of the hanging cave. You can het the Modern Axes even at the beginning of the game but this is a mid-game weapon and is of no use in the beginning.

To get to the ganging cave, you need to follow this guide:

To get to the hidden area, you must first find a lakeside village. This village is just like the name, located just on the side of the lake. This is one of the first cannibal camps that you will encounter in the game, the camp will be full of enemies.

Start walking left to get to the entrance of cave 2.  This cave is where you wake up after dying, if you are having difficulty finding the cave, you can kill yourself to teleport to that cave quickly.

Once you enter the cave, you will find lots of enemies; you can kill them or sneak past them as you want to get into the cave. While moving forward, you will find a ceiling lamp that leads towards a climbing rope that will lead you more deeply into the cave.

You will reach the hidden stash room once you move forward. This is the only way to get in and out of the hidden stash room. Once you get into the Room, the Forest Modern Axe is just on top of the box towards the end of the room.


The Forest game is very interesting, and one needs to be interested in mystery and adventure games to get the fun out of the game. The Forest game includes different kinds of Axe, and they all have different abilities, but we have mentioned only the best of them. We also include the Modern Axe’s power and skills and the exact location where you can find it.

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