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Top 5 gaming graphics card under Rs 20000

There is nothing inaccurate to say that a graphics card is one of the key components in a gaming PC. Even after paying and a lot of attention and doing proper market research, most of the people fail to choose a graphic card that is capable to cater their needs. This may seem strange but it’s true. Actually, there are a very large number of graphic cards present in the market and choosing the one that is best in every aspect can be a daunting task especially when you have a strict upper limit on the budget. Although you can enjoy best graphics while playing your favorite game, keeping the budget under control is not an easy job. However, if you are in search of a decent graphics card that can add a lot to your gaming experience without making a hole in your pocket, this post has a lot of useful information for you. Check out the top 5 gaming graphics cards under Rs 20000 below.

Top 5 gaming graphics card under Rs 20000

Top 5 gaming graphics card under Rs 20000

  • AMD/ATI Radeon dual X R9-270X

AMD/ATI Radeon dual X R9-270X

This is one of the best gaming graphics card available in the market that can simply enhance your gaming experience and performance of your PC. The good thing is its price. The present market price of this graphic card is around 14,000 Rs. As compared to other devices in its class, it is one of the wise options to consider in every aspect. Its compatibility with all major gaming processors such as Intel Core i5, FX 6300 as well as FX 8320 is another vote why it is simply the best graphic card under Rs 20000. It has 6 pin power connectors and it comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty. It provides AMD cross fire and HDMI 3D support.

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  • Nvidia GTX 960

Nvidia GTX 960

It is a very popular gaming graphics card known for its performance and quality. A very large number of gamers has already reviewed it one of the best gaming graphic card under Rs 20000. The best thing is it can simply be over-clocked. You can enjoy 1080 P gaming all the time if you have this card installed on your PC. Soon after its launch in the year 2015, it attracted the attention of gamers due to some of its unique features. Actually, it offers excellent performance and is an energy efficient widget. Its compatibility with DirectX 12 is another top feature that attracts the attention of gamers towards it. Because it provides great performance, has efficient cooling and is available at a very reasonable price i.e. Rs 19,800, we suggest you to go for it.

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  • XFX AMD/ATI R9 280X


This is another best graphic card for a gaming Pc which is known for its performance. Actually, if gamers are to be believed, it is capable to offer extra performance and there are several users who call it one of the best cards due to its uninterrupted response. It offers an unbeatable 850 MHz clock speed and 384-bit memory interface. This gaming graphic card is available at a price of around Rs 16,500. It has an idle power saving technology that allows the card to shut down in case it’s not in use. This is one of the finest features that make it simply the best product in this price range. As far as the matter of performance is concerned, there is no need for you to worry about anything after investing your valuable money on it.

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  • ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix Fan Edition graphic card

ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix Fan Edition graphic card

It is considered as one of the best graphic card available in the present scenario for playing games at 1080 p. It is actually smooth, fast as well as a power-efficient product that offers excellent performance in every aspect. When compared to other similar devices in its class, this gaming graphic card is capable to stand alone against them all simply. It is extremely powerful and has PCI-E graphic card interface. The 1392 MHz boost clock help you to simply upgrade your system in case the need of same is felt in the future. Presently, its market price is Rs 13000 and it is capable to offer more than the money it needs you to invest. If you need to have an uninterrupted gaming experience without compromising with anything, we suggest you to go for this option.

  • Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050

Well, when it comes to buying a gaming graphic card that can be trusted for the long run, this is one of the options you can consider. Its market price as of now is approximately Rs 1500. It offers a very impressive performance and enables gamers to have a gaming experience that is far beyond their imagination. Cooling is not an issue with this product and when it comes to overclocking, the task can simply be performed without worrying about anything. You can easily enjoy 1,442 MHz base clock which makes this graphic make the best available option for a budget under Rs 20000. With 128-bit memory interface, you can simply keep up the pace and can enjoy all AAA games without running low on the performance.

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All above gaming graphic cards are known for their popularity in the present scenario. You need not worry about anything before while considering them. However, we suggest you check their compatibility with the PC you have or you are going to build. Although that’s not an issue, sometimes performance gets degraded up to some extent.

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