Total War WARHAMMER 3 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

In this article, we plan to discuss this engine in detail, give you a walkthrough for the same and share download links. With a proper guide and access to Total War WARHAMMER 3 console commands and cheat codes, you will be able to play the game better and progress faster.

Since the launch of the Total War WARHAMMER 3 game, many users have been trying to download patches in the hope to use different cheat codes to play the game in a different way. Now it is possible to download the latest version of FearLess Cheat Engine and Console Commands Modding Tool that works with the game.

Total War WARHAMMER 3 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Total War WARHAMMER 3 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

This trainer cum cheat engine is a combination of modding tools & gives you ability to edit the game. This will ensure that you can have an upper hand while playing the game. If you are having issues progressing the game, then you must use this engine for relaxed gameplay.

Total War WARHAMMER 3 Cheat Codes

In the game, you will have access to multiple cheat codes including:

Infinite Movement: It allows you to span across the white map instant and inspect your map surroundings.

Infinite Money: Just like other games, you do need access to game money in order to buy props, weapons, and other upgrade items. This cheat will help you to get unlimited money which in turn will open many doors for game progress.

Instant Construction: To protect yourself from enemies, you have to construct buildings and upgrade them from time to time. With the option of instant construction in the cheat engine, you will be able to instantly construct such buildings when necessary.

Instant Recruiting: Recruitment is essentially creating new units for your army and training them for the desired results. However, such a process takes a lot of time. But with the cheat engine, you can create such a process instantly using the instant recruiting cheat code.

Download FearLess Cheat Engine via STN from here to use the above cheat codes.

In order to use the above cheat codes, first download and install the cheat engine. Then activate the trainer option for the cheat you want to activate and set their values from 0 to 1. Once you do, please restart the game.

Total War WARHAMMER 3 Console Commands

Since the 2nd iteration of the game is launched, there is a popular tool on Steam that allows users to map different console commands to play the game better.

In the game, you will be able to use multiple console commands including:

  • give gold number – gives number of gold to the player (can also be negative), if you have a settlement selected it will give gold to the faction owning the settlement
  • give gold – gives 50000 gold to the player, same faction things as above
  • fow on – fog of war on
  • fow off – fog of war off
  • add mov – restore selected char movement points
  • mov – gives the selected character a buff with bonus movement points
  • mov off – removes the buff with bonus movement points from the selected character (and switch your army stance after to reset your movement)
  • technology number – gives the player number% research speed (can also be negative)
  • technology off – remove the technology bonuses
  • global rec number – changes the player’s global recruitment time by number of turns (use negative value to lower)
  • global rec off – remove the global recruitment time bonuses
  • heal number – sets health of each unit in the selected army to number, that is between 0-100

For more commands, please read the Console Commands (Modding Tool) description.

Please note that the above console commands modder was initially built for Total War WARHAMMER 2, however, most of the commands also work in version 3 of the game as well.

Using the tool is fairly simple, for example just type “give gold” (without a /) in the text box below the chat and you should get 50000 gold.


This brings us to the end of this Total War WARHAMMER 3 console commands and cheat codes. I hope now you’re able to use the particular console commands and cheat codes to enhance your gameplay.

Please note that all of these cheat codes are available and should work. However if not, it is recommended to disable any existing game mods and then try again. Please let us know in the comments if you are facing any particular issues with the mods engine above.


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