Fix: Tower of Fantasy Crashing on Android / iPhone

Hotta Studio and Level Infinite released a free-to-play action-RPG MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy that’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. It has been rated quite good by millions of players on the Google Play Store for the Android version which offers an anime-based sci-fi adventure gaming experience to the next level. Meanwhile, it seems that plenty of players are reporting about the Tower of Fantasy Crashing on Android or iPhone.

As the Tower of Fantasy game has been consistently crashing on mobile devices irrespective of the Android or iOS platforms, affected players are getting frustrated a lot. Whenever players are trying to launch the game and get into the multiplayer server, an initial loading screen appears, and then it starts crashing. The major issue is that it’s happening again and again even though players retry connecting to it. This prevents players from joining the game.

Fix: Tower of Fantasy Crashing on Android / iPhone

Fix: Tower of Fantasy Crashing on Android / iPhone

As we’ve already mentioned, the constant crashing issue leaves players in awe because it loses the in-game progress and becomes an annoying thing. Luckily, here we’ve shared a couple of possible workarounds for you that should come in handy. The chances are high that this specific crashing issue is appearing due to the overloaded server capacity in your region as the active number of players are increasing every day. It can be a major reason.

Whereas the in-game cache issues, internet connectivity issues, temporary glitches, an outdated game version, outdated system software version, issues with the installed game application, etc might be other possible reasons for you. It looks like the Tower of Fantasy team is aware of this particular issue, there is no specific timeframe given yet by the developers to fix it. So, it may take some time. Till then you can follow the mentioned workarounds below to fix it.

1. Check System Requirements for Mobile

First of all, you should always check for the system requirements of the Tower of Fantasy video game for your mobile device whether it’s compatible enough or not. The chances are high that somehow your mobile software or hardware isn’t fully capable to run such a game which might happen with Android devices as well as the older generations of iPhones. So, you can follow the requirements below to ensure it.

iOS Requirements:

  • iPhone model: iPhone 8 Plus or newer (iPhone X|11|12|13|14|SE 2nd-gen series)
  • Storage space: 12 GB of available space

Android Requirements:

  • Minimum processor: Kirin 710 or Snapdragon 660 SoC
  • OS: Android 7.0 Nougat and above
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage space: 12 GB of available space

2. Reboot the Phone

First of all, make sure to restart the handset properly to fix the temporary system glitch. Sometimes the system cache or glitch may cause some issues with the app launching or running seamlessly. Just unlock the device lock screen and the long-press the Power button for a few seconds to open the Power menu. Tap on Reboot/Restart and wait for the device to restart.

3. Check for the Server Status

It’s also possible that the servers of Tower of Fantasy might get exhausted due to the overloaded number of active players once at a time in some specific regions. So, whenever a lot of players try to join the server, they may experience such issues. If you’re also feeling the same, make sure to follow the @ToF_EN_Official Twitter page to get all the real-time updates and info regarding the game. Also, enable notification so that you won’t miss anything.

If in case, there are reports appearing of server issues, you should wait for a couple of hours or so, and then try playing the game again. Still, the problem is bothering you? Well, head over to the next method.

4. Ensure to Check Your Network

You should cross-check your network connection at your end whether it’s working fine or not. Sometimes a poor or unstable internet connection can trouble you a lot regarding the server connectivity. Make sure to use a different internet connection or try switching the mobile data network to Wi-Fi or vice versa to understand the potential issue. You can also try using the mobile data hotspot to check if the problem is with your mobile data or not.

5. Update Software on the Phone

Make sure to update the software version on your handset to reduce several issues and compatibility issues with the third-party apps. Outdated device software can conflict with some issues with the app launching or running properly. Head over to the Settings menu on the device > Go to Software Update > Check for Updates. If there is an update available then make sure to install the update.

6. Update Tower of Fantasy

If you’re still running the outdated Tower of Fantasy game on your mobile device then it may cause compatibility issues. To simply update the app:

For Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store app > Tap on the hamburger menu icon.
  • Next, tap on My Apps & games > Make sure to check whether the Tower of Fantasy game update is showing on the list of the available updates or not.
  • If so, just tap on the Update button next to the app and wait for it to install.
  • Once done, make sure to open the Tower of Fantasy game, and check for the issue. [You can also restart your handset to refresh the system and app data]

For iOS (iPhone):

  • Open the Apple App Store application on the iPhone.
  • Now, tap on the Profile Picture icon from the top-right corner.
  • Scroll down a bit to see which apps are available for update.
  • Check whether the Tower of Fantasy game update is on the list or not.
  • If the app is there, then make sure to tap on the Update button.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Finally, launch the Tower of Fantasy game to check if the crashing issue is still appearing on the iPhone or not.

7. Clear Tower of Fantasy Cache Data and Storage Data

If in case, you’re trying to play Tower of Fantasy on your Android device then try clearing the app cache data and the storage data from the settings menu of the game application to refresh glitches. Sometimes an outdated or corrupted app cache data can also cause several issues whatsoever.

Note: There is no option to do this on iPhone. Only a simple restart will do the job.

  • Go to the device Settings menu > Head over to Apps & Notifications.
  • Now, tap on See All Apps > Head over to Tower of Fantasy under the App info section.
  • Tap on Tower of Fantasy to open the app info page > Tap on Storage & Cache.
  • Next, tap on Clear Cache > Once done, tap on Storage & Cache.
  • Tap on Clear Storage.
  • Finally, launch the Tower of Fantasy game, and check for the issue again.

8. Force Stop and Re-open Tower of Fantasy

The chances are also high that the startup crashing issue with the Tower of Fantasy game on your mobile device is happening because the game is already running in the background. In that scenario, you can manually perform a force stop of the app and relaunch the game application to check if that fixes the issue or not. To do this:

Note: You can simply close the game and reboot the iPhone to do this method easily. There is nothing extra to perform.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android device > Go to Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap on See All Apps > Head over to Tower of Fantasy under the App info section.
  • Next, tap on Tower of Fantasy to open the app info page > Tap on Force Stop.
  • If prompted, just confirm the task.
  • Once done, open the Tower of Fantasy game and check if that fixes the crashing issue or not.

9. Reinstall Tower of Fantasy

If none of the methods worked for you then make sure to uninstall and reinstall the Tower of Fantasy game on your mobile. It’ll eventually delete all the saved game application data and refresh its data which should fix the issue. To do so:

For Android:

  • Tap and hold the Tower of Fantasy icon to bring the pop-up menu.
  • Now, tap on Uninstall. [You can also go to App Info and select Uninstall]
  • Once uninstalled completely, just reboot your mobile.
  • Finally, go to the Google Play Store app > Search for Tower of Fantasy and tap on Install.

For iOS (iPhone):

  • Tap and hold the Tower of Fantasy icon from the home screen on your iPhone.
  • Now, select Remove App from the pop-up menu > Tap on Delete App.
  • The system will again ask you whether to delete the app or not.
  • Select the Delete button to uninstall it.
  • Open the Apple App Store application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Search icon and type Tower of Fantasy then search for it.
  • Finally, tap on the Get button or simply tap on the cloud download icon.
  • Wait for it to install completely and then check for the Tower of Fantasy Crashing on the iPhone.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was useful to you. Feel free to ask in the comment below for additional queries.

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