How to Transfer Borderlands 3 Between Epic and Steam on PC

Epic and Steam are two major game distribution platforms. They’re probably the only ones of their kind on PC. Steam dates its release way back to 2003 but Epic came into the only 2 years back. But no matter how late they came, they’ve been evolving ever since its release and now compete against Steam well enough. They both work identically – all you have to do is create an account, log in, pay for the full version of games and install them right into your computer.

If you’re using both of them or want to shift a game, Borderlands 3 for instance, one to the other, you might also be well concerned about the games that you’ve played and their files. The process is pretty easy to transfer the games between the two platforms and you’ll find the steps following this guide. However, following the steps, it is crucial, as there is a great amount of risking your game data, which you could potentially lose during the process. Without diverting much, we’ll see how to transfer Borderlands 3 between Epic and Steam.

How to Transfer Borderlands 3 Between Epic and Steam on PC

Steps to Transfer Borderlands 3 Between Epic and Steam on PC

  1. First, copy the entire Badlands 3 and all its files to a backup folder. This is to ensure that you will still have the game and its data in case any data loss occurs during the process.
  2. Open Badlands 3 for the first time on the destination platform i.e., Epic or Steam, whichever you want to transfer the game into. Doing so will create a dedicated game folder for the destination platform, to which you will be transferring the saved data and game files, simply said, the entire game.
  3. Copy the entire files and folders from the current game folder and paste them into the newly created game folder in the destination platform.

Before you go about transferring your game between the two platforms, make sure you take the precautionary step of creating backup data for Borderlands 3. The process of transferring applications between platforms puts your data and files at huge risk so make sure you follow the precautionary step. After pasting the entire files from the current platform’s folder to the destination platform, all the settings, data, and characters of Borderlands 3 will be restored. You can now enjoy the game immensely on the new destination platform!

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