How to get Twisted Spoon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Are you enjoying the lush and magnificent landscapes of the paldea region? Did you notice Gen 1 pokemon in the open world? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games are the first ever open-world Pokemon games full of various materials and items. The map offers many places to explore, along with some really powerful items, such as the Twisted Spoon.

You must have this item if you enjoy Nintendo’s most significant release! This item is available at the beginning of the game.

What is the Twisted Spoon?

As warped as it may sound, the Twisted spoon is a held item which increases damage by Psychic-type moves by a whopping 20%, and it applies to any pokemon that holds the item. But what makes it the coolest is that it does 30 Base Power Fling Damage.


3,000 Poke dollars.

How to get it Twisted Spoon?

Once you’ve collected 3,000 Poke dollars, head to Delibird Presents Shop in Levincia.

You will need to defeat the leader of the local Electric-type gym. (quick tip: make sure you bring Ground Type Pokemon with you for the fight.)

After you’ve defeated the leader, browse through the “battle items” inventory menu of the store.

Buy the Twisted Spoon for ₽3,000.

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