Verizon 5G Not Showing Up on Samsung Phones, How to Fix?

Are you not able to enjoy 5G connectivity on your Samsung phone? or is your 5G not showing up on your Verizon-bound Samsung phone? It can be frustrating, considering you have spent some extra bucks to get the 5G support. In this blog post, we’ll discuss various reasons why your Samsung phone is not getting 5G and their possible solutions.

You are alone here as many people face the same issue with their Samsung phones. Some users are facing the issue with their Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra users on the Verizon network have also reported the same issues. Thus, this is not a model-specific problem.

Verizon 5G Not Showing Up on Samsung Phones, How to Fix?

There could be various reasons why 5G is not showing up on your Verizon’s Samsung phone. One of the most common reasons is that you are living in an area where 5G is not covered yet. Click this link to check Verizon 5G network coverage in your area. You might not have enabled the 5G connectivity on your device. Your Samsung phone might be having a system glitch or a temporary bug could be preventing the device from connecting to a 5G network.

If the nearest 5G tower to which your device is connected is having some issues, you are likely to face 5G network-related issues. In this case, you can’t do much other than waiting for Verizon to fix that particular tower. However, in other situations, there are fixes you can apply to get the 5G network on your Samsung phone. Now that we have at least some knowledge about the issues, let’s move on to the solutions.

Fix: Verizon 5G Not Showing Up on Samsung Phones

Solution 1: Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

Turning on and off the airplane mode is an age-old method of troubleshooting network-related problems. Probably, this might work for you too in getting back the 5G network. Simply, turn on airplane mode, wait for a minute, and turn it back off. By doing this, you are temporarily disconnecting the device from the cellular network. After you turn off the airplane mode, the device will reestablish the connection with the network.

You can find the airplane mode option in the Settings app. Or, you can find it in the control center, which can be opened by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Solution 2: Restart Your Phone

If there’s a minor system glitch or a temporary bug that is preventing the device from connecting to 5G, a simple restart/reboot can fix it. After you restart the phone, all applications load up again.

Here’s how to restart your Samsung phone:

  1. Press and hold the power and volume down (-) button until the power menu appears.
  2.  Release the buttons.
  3. Click Restart and tap on Restart again to begin the process.

Solution 3: Check if You a Have a 5G Plan and a Supported SIM

Make sure that 5G connectivity is added to your service plan. You can contact your carrier to verify this. Even if you have a 5G service plan, you can’t enjoy 5G if you are using the old SIM. Please use a 5G compatible SIM or the SIM card that came with the device.

Solution 4: Turn On 5G on Your Samsung Phone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Sim settings and select Network mode. You can use the search feature to locate this option.
  3. Select an option with 5G connectivity or GLOBAL.

After applying this solution, check if you can use 5G. If your answer is no, there could be some problem with the nearest tower your device is connected with, considering that you’ve already checked for 5G connectivity at your location.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can check if the tower is having issues or not. You can wait for a day or two until Verizon folks fix the tower’s issues.

Solution 5: Reseat the SIM Card

  1. Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card.
  2. Turn the phone back on without inserting the SIM card.
  3. Go to Settings > Apps > See all apps.
  4. Locate SIM Toolkit and tap on it.
  5. Click Storage and tap on Clear cache.
  6. Turn the phone off.
  7. Insert the SIM card and turn the device back on.

Solution 6: Reset Your Samsung Phone


Before you apply this fix, we want to warn you that app the applications you’ve installed will be removed and their data too. Hence, take a full backup of your phone before resetting the device.

  1. Go to Settings > General Management.
  2. Click Reset.
  3. Tap on Factory Data Reset.
  4. Click Reset to begin the process.

Solution 7: Contact Verizon Support

So, you’ve tried every possible way to get back the 5G connectivity, but still, the problem persists. There’s likely some hardware fault in your phone that you can’t do much about. The only thing you can do is to contact Verizon customer support to get your device repaired or replaced.

In this blog post, we discussed various reasons why you might not be getting 5G connectivity on your Samsung phone on the Verizon carrier. Hopefully, you were able to fix it using the aforementioned solutions. Let us know which method worked for you in the comments below.

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