How to Find the Treasurer in Warframe

Warframe is a sci free-to-play action RPG from Digital Extremes. It continues to grow with its latest Deadlock Protocol Update, bringing with it new game content, newer enemies, and more items to unlock. Players will hear about the newest enemy in Warframe, who goes by ‘Treasurer”.  Essentially anyone who is attempting to get a hold of more weapons or farm for more Protea will be in search of this Treasurer.

The Treasurer is introduced as a part of the updated Corpus fleet in the Deadlock Protocol Update. What makes the Treasurer the hottest enemy in Warframe is due to what he carries with him. As mentioned above, anyone in search of Protea or more weapons will need to find the Treasurer, since he has a Ganum Crown. As he is the primary source for the Ganum Crowns, getting a hold of him is crucial!

How to Find the Treasurer in Warframe
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How to Find the Treasurer in Warframe

In order to find the Treasurer, players must first complete The Deadlock Protocol quest. It’s an option solo mode quest that features Nef Anyo searching into the past of the Corpus using Parvos Granum as heir to the Corpus.

By performing any of the missions from the Corpus Ship tileset, players will be able to encounter the Treasurer. Note that this is all the new updated Corpus Ship in the Deadlock Protocol Update. The Treasurer can spawn any anytime during the mission, usually within 2-4 minutes during non-endless missions. But for endless missions, he may take up to 8 minutes.

By logic, the Treasurer will spawn at any time between completing the main objective and before the extraction point. If, by any chance, players have not encountered the Treasurer and are reaching extraction point, they are advised to be patient. Waiting for two more minutes will trigger the Treasurer to spawn.

Once the Treasurer does spawn, he will be carrying the Granum Crown. In Warframe, there are three variants to the Granum Crown, which can be found at three different locations:

  • Granum Crown – Found on Fossa (Venus)
  • Exemplar Crown – Found on Trition (Neptune)
  • Zenith Crown – Found on Oceanum (Pluto)

When the Treasurer does spawn, players will notice a transmission being played, and he will be marked in red. Players will soon realize that the Treasurer will run away from them and can go invisible at any time as well. Players must ensure to secure their kill within minutes of the Treasurer spawning, and else he may teleport himself. One way for players to know when he will teleport is to look out for a bright white glow from the Treasurer. White glows means that the window of opportunity is closing!

Defeating the Treasurer is no easy task for newcomers, as he has a thick protective shield. This shield can withstand most weapons as it has 99% innate damage reduction ability and is not bypassable. Also, players need to watch their step when chasing the Treasurer. To slow down players, they will drop tether grenades in their path.


Using Mesa’s peacemaker and Magentic damage can be highly effective in killing the Treasurer

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