DMZ Security Checkpoint Mission: Place Tactical Camera at Central Station and Mark 10 Enemies

The Warzone 2 DMZ Security Checkpoint mission stands as a challenging Tier-2 task, undertaken for the Phalanx faction in the dynamic virtual world of our game. This mission, requiring both strategy and tact, involves placing a Tactical Camera at the Central Station located in the recently introduced Vondel map and marking enemy targets. This guide will help you navigate this mission smoothly, blending insights from two distinct sources.

Get The Tactical Camera While Infil

The first crucial point to note is that the Tactical Camera is not an item scattered around the map waiting for players to find. Instead, it is an essential piece of gear you must equip as part of your loadout before deploying in DMZ. The Tactical Camera is located under the “Field Upgrade” slot in the Active Duty loadout customization screen. Ensuring this item is equipped before the match is vital to success in the mission.

Place Tactical Camera at Central Station

With the Tactical Camera equipped, it’s time to deploy to Vondel. Beeline for the Central Station Point of Interest (POI), which is situated in the northeast corner of the map. Before placing the Tactical Camera, confirm that you have arrived at the Central Station POI, as the game will only recognize placement within this area.

Find a suitable spot in the open where the camera will have a broad, unobstructed view. An ideal location would be the facade above the Central Station’s main entrance, overseeing the vast pedestrian area and the canal nearby. This vantage point ensures your Tactical Camera can capture a wide scope, facilitating the second part of your mission.

Marking 10 Enemies and Completing the Mission

Now that the camera is in place, find a safe spot nearby, preferably hidden. Your next task is to mark enemies using your Tactical Camera. Play stealthily and let enemies pass by, marking them using your ping button.

Remember, your goal is to mark ten enemy targets. Be aware, if your Tactical Camera is destroyed, you will need to replace it. Moreover, you can ping a target multiple times if their marker disappears after a few seconds.

Once you have marked all ten targets, your mission is complete, without any need for extraction. Successfully fulfilling these objectives will lead to the completion of the Security Checkpoint Warzone 2 DMZ mission, and your reward from the Phalanx faction will be promptly released. With this guide, tackling the DMZ Security Checkpoint mission should be a breeze. Happy gaming!

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