How to Get Water in Stranded Deep?

The thing about survival games is that the developers won’t really guide you through everything. Well, that’s the case about survival – you gotta explore and find things out for survival. Stranded Deep is such a game so don’t expect that the game will guide you through and explain every its and bits of the game. Yes, finding ways yourself for survival in Stranded Deep can be hard so let’s look at where we are stuck today.

Today we’ll discuss the many ways to get water in Stranded Deep. When you’re early in the game, you’ll find yourself struggling in dehydration. Dehydration is an important factor in this game – failing to quench your thirst will ultimately result in death. So in this guide, we’ll discuss the methods to get and store water in the game. Without further ado, let’s see how to get Water in Stranded Deep.

How to Get Water in Stranded Deep?

1. Coconut

If you’re in the early portions of the game, struggling and fighting your way through to keep yourself alive, then coconut is the best option. This doesn’t require any crafting materials and you’ll get coconuts plenty on every island. The only source for coconuts is Palm trees, which you can find on both the small and big islands. Once you come across a palm tree, climb to its top and take the coconuts. You can also chop the palm trees down and collect the coconuts from the ground. Once you get the coconut, drop it on the ground and cut out its outer covering with a refined knife or any of the sort. The coconut will now turn into a brown color, pick it up into your inventory, and drink it. Also, note that drinking too much coconut will get you diarrhea so don’t depend on it entirely to quench your thirst. The coconuts are edible enough to drink and eat. So the first thing you have to do is drink it, then break it into two and eat them.

How to Get Water in Stranded Deep?

2. Quwawa Fruit

You’ll find these fruits on some islands. If you do, it’s going to be a lifesaver. Be aware that the Quwawa Fruit, unlike the coconuts, spoils very easily so carrying them around much isn’t a great idea. These fruits will quench your thirst as well as settles your hunger. These are not available on every island that you visit so if you do get to find one, use it rather than transporting them around.

3. Water Still

The Water Still is a crafted element in the game. The advantage of water still is that you can store a large amount of water in one place. However, you can’t transport these things around – once built, it will remain there. Crafting a water still will collect and store water for you, with the capacity of holding up to 5 drinks of water at a time. The water still requires some crafting materials. You can easily craft one with a tarp, a lashing, and 3 rocks.

4. Coconut Flask

The coconut flask can be used to take water so that you can transport it around and it has the capacity to hold one drink of water. One way to use them is by collecting the water stored in the water still and then taking the filled flask along with you to do your chores. Coconut flask is as well a crafted element in the game and you’ll need a lashing and a coconut to do so. This is a refillable method, so it’s a pretty wise choice when you’re going away from your water stills.

5. Leather Waterskin

This is a more advanced version of the Water Still that we discussed earlier. This is also a crafted element in the game and requires a tanning rack, 2 pieces of leather, and a wood stick. Unlike the water still, the leather waterskin is capable of storing water but you can transport this around. They have the capacity to hold up to 3 drinks of water.

6. Clay Bottle

The clay bottle is considered to be the most evolved method of getting and storing water. They can hold up to 5 drinks of water at a time and is also able to be transported. Yeah, the clay bottle is indeed a great deal! However, the clay bottle is too a crafted element in the game and actually requires a bit of scavenging for it’s crafting items. You’ll need 1 lashing, 2 clay, and the furnace to craft a clay bottle, which is pretty hard to gather.

Summing up our guide, we have 6 different methods to get and store water in Stranded Deep. These are using coconuts, Quwawa Fruit, Water Still, Coconut Flask, Leather Waterskin, and finally, the most advanced Clay Bottle. Although some of these don’t require any crafting materials, most of the methods in this list are to be crafted and will require some bit of effort while scavenging for the crafting elements. If you have any further queries, please let us know in the comments down below. Good luck!

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