Where To Find Pincurchin in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the first ever open-world Pokemon game offers a huge map that you can explore just like any other open-world game. Although there are many pokemon across the map to explore and capture, there lie some special ones too. Among all the old and new pokemon, there lies a cute little prick, which is usually found by the beach, at select locations.

If you are at the beach, and you come across a cute little black ball with spikes all over it probably relaxing by the beach, all by himself, then that’s a Pincurchin. A Pincurchin is usually a funny, cute pokemon, which is an Electric-type Sea Pokemon. Usually, these are preferred by players who are planning to craft Spikes TM090 or the Electric Terrain TM136.

Once you come across a Pincurchin, be very aware that you don’t threaten them, or else they don’t really mind the battle. Not to forget, these possess decent stats in Atk, Def, SpAtk, and SpDef. A Con that you’d want to know is, it is not fast, rather it is inferior in speed. You would only find them by the beach in Paldea Region, these urchins run on seaweed as it is their primary food.

Where To Find Pincurchin?

Pincurchin is usually found near the beach in Paldea Region. But you can try out your luck at the places mentioned below.

The northwestern coast of Glaseado Mountain.

The beaches near Porto Marinada.

Shore of the Pokécenter at South Province. (Area Five)

Coastline by the major city of Levincia.\

South Province (Inside Area Five)

North Province (Inside Area Three)

North Province (Inside Area One)

East Province (Inside Area Two)

East Province (Inside Area One)

West Province (inside Area Two)


Did you know? You can trade the Pincurchin Pokemon for a Haunter. Once you start the game, it is always recommended to get the Pincurchin Pokemon during the start. Get the Pokemon first so that you can trade it with Levincia the NPC. Players who know about it will know about the Ghost-and Poison-type Haunter and how deadly it can transform at a later stage. Also, not to forget, players can capture the Pokemon at the very first with a specific kind of Poké Ball. But, always try to use Earth-type Pokemon. As the urchin is an electric type and in such a scenario, an earth-type Pokemon would be best.

Be aware, as the Urchin Pincurchin has a chance of dropping Pincurchin Spines if it gets caught, or gets defeated in a battle.

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