Who Blocked You on Facebook, How to Find?

With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform. The platform has plenty of security and privacy. One of them is the ability to block someone to stop the other person from sending you messages or viewing your posts. Facebook does not inform you when someone blocks you. Hence, it becomes slightly tricky to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook. With the help of this article, you can easily find out who has blocked you on Facebook.

How to check who blocked you on Facebook
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Here’s How to Find Out Who Blocked You on Facebook

To protect users’ privacy, Facebook does not provide a list of accounts that have blocked you on the social media platform. However, there are a few indicators that can help you in checking if the suspected person has blocked you.

Check Your Friend List

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you can’t see them in your friend list. Check your friend list and find the suspected person. If you can’t find them, you have probably been blocked by them. It’s not a sure-shot way to check if someone has blocked you. Because the person gets removed from the friend list if they have removed you as a friend. At this point, it’s hard to tell if a person has blocked you on Facebook. You need to check more indicators.

Try to Tag Them In Your Posts

Normally, you tag sometime by writing their name and then selecting their profile. But, when you are blocked by that person, you won’t be able to tag them in your posts. Try to tag that person in your new post. If you can’t do it, there’s a good chance that that person has blocked you.

Try to View Their Profile

When you view your friend’s profile, you see details like name, profile picture, mutual friends, their posts, etc. But when someone blocks you, you can’t see any of these details. Even Facebook does not show you their name.

Find Their Profile in Facebook Search

Open Facebook, and log in to your account. You can see the Facebook search box/icon at the top of the page. Search the person’s name and look for their profile. Normally, Facebook shows your friend at the top of the search result. Even after scrolling for a couple of minutes if you can’t find their profile, chance that the person has blocked you.

This is not a sure-shot method as Facebook removes the person from the search result if they have deleted or deactivated their Facebook account.

Try to Send a Message

If you previously had a conversation with that person, this is another indicator for checking if the person has blocked you on Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account on any browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Do not use the app.

Go to the messages section and tap on your conversation with the person. Facebook will not show you their profile picture if the person has blocked you. A standard gray outline replaces it. Try to send a message. If you have been blocked, the messages won’t send. Facebook will greet you with an error.

All the above indicators will fail if the person has deactivated or deleted their Facebook account. Don’t worry; there is a way to check this too.

Check Mutual Friend’s Profile

Open the profile of your friend who is also a friend of the person you think has blocked you on Facebook. Check their friend list. If you can find the person’s name and the profile picture, it means they haven’t blocked you.

If you can’t find the person in the friend list of that mutual friend, two possibilities can play out in such a case – either the person has deactivated their account, or blocked you. Unfortunately, you can’t check it using your profile. If you have a good connection with that mutual friend, ask them to search for that suspected person in their friend list. If that mutual friend can find the suspected friend in his/her friend list, it confirms that that person has blocked you.


In this article, I walked you through a list of indicators that can help you find the person who has blocked you on Facebook. I hope, this article was helpful to you. Share it with your friends, who might be in the same situation. Have anything to share or suggest? Feel free to write them in the comments section below.

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