Xiaomi Bloatware List: How to Debloat Unwanted Apps from MIUI 12, 12.5, 13, 14 and 15

Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese smartphone brand that offers affordable devices in all price segments. Due to their price-to-performance ratio, Xiaomi smartphones are preferred by Android users over overpriced branded devices. However, Xiaomi’s MIUI skin comes with a lot of bloatware.

In this article, we’ll share a Xiaomi Bloatware List and provide steps to Debloat Unwanted Apps from MIUI 12, 12.5, 13, 14 and 15. While some pre-installed apps can be useful to some users, most users find them useless. It’s common these days for Android smartphone brands to include a bunch of third-party pre-installed apps that unnecessarily consume a lot of space on the internal storage. Some of these apps can be uninstalled, while others can’t. That’s where the de-bloating method comes in handy. Bloatware programs can sometimes bring security or even privacy issues, even if you don’t use them.

Additionally, third-party advertisements are always popping up or throwing notifications, which can be quite frustrating. Therefore, it’s always better to use the adb shell command as per the app package name on a Windows computer to easily remove bloatware apps/games properly. Check out the Xiaomi, MIUI, Google, and Android bloatware below.

MIUI Bloatware List:

  • com.mfashiongallery.emag
  • com.mi.android.globalFileexplorer| Mi File Manager
  • com.mi.android.globallauncher | Mi Launcher
  • com.mi.android.globalpersonalassistant
  • com.mi.globalTrendNews
  • com.mi.health | Mi Health
  • com.mi.webkit.core | Mi Webkit
  • com.milink.service
  • com.mipay.wallet.id | Mi Wallet
  • com.mipay.wallet.in | Mi Wallet (India)
  • com.miui.accessibility
  • com.miui.analytics | MIUI Analytics (spyware)
  • com.miui.android.fashiongallery | Wallpaper Carousel
  • com.miui.aod | MIUI Always-on Display
  • com.miui.backup | Backup app
  • com.miui.bugreport | Bug reporting app
  • com.miui.calculator | Mi Calculator
  • com.miui.cit
  • com.miui.cleanmaster | System Cleaner
  • com.miui.cloudservice | Cloud service
  • com.miui.cloudbackup | Cloud Backup service
  • com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase | Cloud service
  • com.miui.compass | MIUI Compass
  • com.miui.contentcatcher
  • com.miui.enbbs
  • com.miui.extraphoto | Camera Bokeh effect
  • com.miui.face | MIUI Biometric
  • com.miui.fm | MIUI FM
  • com.miui.fmservice| MIUI FM
  • com.miui.freeform | MIUI PiP service
  • com.miui.gallery | MIUI Gallery
  • com.miui.greenguard
  • com.miui.huanji
  • com.miui.hybrid | Quick Apps (data mining app)
  • com.miui.hybrid.accessory | Quick Apps (data mining app)
  • com.miui.micloudsync | Cloud Sync
  • com.miui.miservice
  • com.miui.mishare.connectivity | Mi Share
  • com.miui.misound | Music app & sound enhancer
  • com.miui.miwallpaper | Wallpaper app
  • com.miui.miwallpaper.earth
  • com.miui.miwallpaper.mars
  • com.miui.msa.global | MSA or MIUI Ad Services
  • com.miui.newmidrive
  • com.miui.nextpay
  • com.miui.notes | Notes
  • com.miui.phrase | Frequent phrases
  • com.miui.player | Music Player
  • com.miui.qr
  • com.miui.screenrecorder | Screen Recorder
  • com.miui.smsextra | Text Message features
  • com.miui.system | MIUI System Launcher
  • com.miui.systemui.carriers.overlay | Carrier name chaging service
  • com.miui.touchassistant | Quick Ball feature
  • com.miui.translation.kingsoft
  • com.miui.userguide | User Guide app
  • com.miui.videoplayer | MIUI Video player
  • com.miui.virtualsim
  • com.miui.vsimcore
  • com.miui.weather2 | Weather app
  • com.miui.wmsvc
  • com.miui.yellowpage | Yellow Page app
  • com.miui.zman

Xiaomi Bloatware List:

  • com.sohu.inputmethod.sogou.xiaomi
  • com.xiaomi.account | Mi Account (sensitive)
  • com.xiaomi.calendar | Mi Calendar
  • com.xiaomi.cameratools | Camera Tools
  • com.xiaomi.channel
  • com.xiaomi.discover | Xiaomi System apps updater
  • com.xiaomi.glgm | Games
  • com.xiaomi.joyose | Junk and safe to remove
  • com.xiaomi.location.fused
  • com.xiaomi.mi_connect_service
  • com.xiaomi.micloud.sdk | Cloud App
  • com.xiaomi.midrop | Mi Drop
  • com.xiaomi.mipicks | GetApps(Xiaomi app store)
  • com.xiaomi.miplay_client
  • com.xiaomi.mircs | MIUI to MIUI Message
  • com.xiaomi.mirecycle | Mi Security (sensitive)
  • com.xiaomi.mirror
  • com.xiaomi.misettings | Mi Settings
  • com.xiaomi.payment | Mi Pay
  • com.xiaomi.scanner | Scanner app
  • com.xiaomi.simactivate.service
  • com.xiaomi.xmsf | Xiaomi Service Framework
  • com.xiaomi.xmsfkeeper | Xiaomi Service Framework

Google Bloatware List on Xiaomi Devices:

  • com.google.android.apps.docs | Google Docs
  • com.google.android.apps.maps | Google Maps
  • com.google.android.apps.photos | Google Photos
  • com.google.android.apps.tachyon | Google Duo
  • com.google.android.apps.wellbeing | Digital Wellbeing
  • com.google.android.feedback | Feedback app
  • com.google.android.gm | Gmail
  • com.google.android.gms | Gmail service
  • com.google.android.gms.location.history | Gmail location service
  • com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox | Google Quick Search
  • com.google.android.inputmethod.latin | Gboard
  • com.google.android.marvin.talkback | Talkback feature
  • com.google.android.music | Google Play Music
  • com.google.android.printservice.recommendation | Mobile Printing
  • com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar | Calendar Sync
  • com.google.android.tts | Text-to-speech
  • com.google.android.videos | Google Play Movies & TV
  • com.google.android.youtube | Youtube
  • com.google.ar.lens | AR Lens


Android Bloatware on Xiaomi Devices:

  • com.android.bips | Default Printing Service
  • com.android.bookmarkprovider | Bookmark Provider
  • com.android.browser | Web Browser
  • com.android.calendar | Calendar app
  • com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver
  • com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver.overlay.common
  • com.android.chrome | Chrome Browser
  • com.android.deskclock | Stock Clock app
  • com.android.dreams.basic | Screensaver app
  • com.android.dreams.phototable | Screensaver app
  • com.android.egg z| Android Easter Egg
  • com.android.emergency | SOS Calling
  • com.android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle | OK Google
  • com.android.mms | MMS app
  • com.android.mms.service | MMS
  • com.android.printspooler | Printing service
  • com.android.statementservice | Checks APK files
  • com.android.stk | SIM Tool-kit
  • com.android.thememanager
  • com.android.thememanager.module
  • com.android.wallpaper.livepicker | Live wallpaper
  • com.android.wallpaperbackup | Wallpaper backup feature
  • com.android.wallpapercropper | Wallpaper cropping feature

Other Third-Party Bloatware List:

  • cn.wps.xiaomi.abroad.lite
  • com.autonavi.minimap
  • com.caf.fmradio
  • com.duokan.phone.remotecontroller
  • com.samsung.aasaservice
  • org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service
  • com.duokan.phone.remotecontroller.peel.plugin
  • in.amazon.mShop.android.shopping | Amazon
  • com.bsp.catchlog
  • com.netflix.partner.activation | Netflix
  • com.netflix.mediaclient | Netflix
  • com.opera.app.news | Opera
  • com.opera.branding | Opera
  • com.opera.branding.news | Opera News
  • com.opera.mini.native | Opera Mini
  • com.opera.preinstall | Opera
  • com.tencent.soter.soterserver | Chinese Payment service
  • com.facebook.katana | Facebook
  • com.facebook.appmanager | Facebook
  • com.facebook.services | Facebook
  • com.facebook.system | Facebook
  • pl.zdunex25.updater | Xiaomi.eu
  • ros.ota.updater | RevolutionOS
  • com.syberia.ota | SyberiaOS
  • com.syberia.SyberiaPapers | SyberiaOS
  • org.lineageos.recorder | LineageOS
  • org.lineageos.snap | LineageOS
  • com.hampusolsson.abstruct | Paranoid Android
  • code.name.monkey.retromusic | Paranoid Android

Note: We’ll recommend you to disable the individual bloatware on your Xiaomi device first and then check whether the device is working properly or not. You shouldn’t jump into the uninstallation process straight away. Note down the specific bloatware package name from the list to a notepad before disabling or uninstalling it so that you can re-enable or reinstall it (if required).

DO NOT UNINSTALL: com.miui.securitycenter | com.miui.securityadd | com.xiaomi.finddevice (Don’t uninstall these three apps or services from your Xiaomi device. Otherwise, you may encounter device bricking or bootloop issues.)

How to Debloat Unwanted Apps from MIUI 12, 12.5, 13, 14 and 15

You can go with any of three methods to easily uninstall bloatware from your Xiaomi device that you don’t want to keep on the handset anymore or can’t be uninstalled normally. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

Note: If your device is rooted, jump into method 3 for an easier and faster process.

1. Via ADB Shell Commands:

  • First of all, enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi phone.
  • Now, make sure to download the latest ADB & fastboot Tools (Platform Tools) on your computer.
  • Then extract the Platform Tools file and open the extracted folder.
  • Next, click on the address bar and type cmd then hit Enter. It’ll open Command Prompt.
  • Make sure to connect your Xiaomi device to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Once the device is connected, run the following command on the command prompt window:
adb devices
  • Make sure to authorize the USB Debugging prompt on your phone (if appears).
  • Now, if your device is properly connected in the adb mode, a device ID will appear on the command prompt. If not, just install the Xiaomi USB Driver on the PC and then try again.
  • Then execute the following command on the command prompt window:
adb shell
  • Now, make sure to execute the following command to uninstall specific bloatware. [Replace the <package name> in the command line with the actual app package name from the list above]
pm uninstall --user 0 <package name>
  • Make sure to uninstall the unnecessary app package one by one.
  • Once done, unplug the USB cable from the device, and restart the phone to apply changes.
  • You’re done.

2. Via Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tool:

  • Enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi phone.
  • Now, download the XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar file from Github.
  • Download the latest version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools on the computer by double-clicking on the XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar file.
  • Then make sure to connect your handset to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Once connected, you’ll now see a list of Xiaomi bloatware.
  • Select the particular bloatware that you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall.
  • Make sure to confirm the task by clicking on ‘Yes’.
  • Once the bloatware is uninstalled, make sure to reboot your device.

Note: If in case, you’re facing any problem with the device’s stability or performance after removing bloatware, you can easily go to ‘Reinstaller’ and reinstall the removed bloatware via the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools again. No issues with that.

3. Via Android Apps (Requires Root):

If you have a rooted Xiaomi device then there is no doubt that you’ll find out a couple of reliable rooted apps that can easily uninstall system apps or third-party bloatware from the phone. You can use any of them.

Steps to Reinstall or Revert Back the Uninstalled Bloatware:

However, if you uninstall any app by mistake then you can reinstall or revert back it on your phone again by following the steps below.

  • Download the Xiaomi Bloatware File and then extract it using a ZIP extractor tool.
  • Then you’ll see a file called ‘MIUI Bloatware File’.
  • Next, change the file extension from ‘.txt’ to ‘.bat’ and save it.
  • Copy the file and paste it exactly inside the ADB and Fastboot (Platform Tools) folder.

So, this is how you can easily uninstall or remove bloatware (pre-installed apps) from your Xiaomi devices running on MIUI 10/11/12/12.5 whatsoever.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. Hello, thanks for the tip! May I know if this will void the warranty? Also, does it make a difference to remove the bloatware using adb and simply uninstalling the apps from the phone?

    Thanks :D

  2. “com.google.android.gms”


    DO NOT uninstall them.

    You WILL NOT be able to use Google Play Services.

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