How to Add FaceTime Effects on iPhone and iPad

Customization is one of the major aspects of Apple devices. It enables users to customize emojis live. It is the popular animoji feature I’m talking about. You can implement live animoji as various Facetime effects on your iPhone and iPad. This is what I will demonstrate in this guide.

You can add stickers, effects, filters, and custom emojis right as you are talking live on Facetime. You can use these effects on the iPhones of the 7th generation including the latest ones.  People like to use it mostly in casual conversations with their friends.

FaceTime Effects

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How to Add FaceTime Effects on iPhone and iPad

Now, let’s explore the steps which are very easy to carry out. Note that the steps I will provide below will work just fine on iPads as well.

  • Launch the Facetime app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Start a video call to any of your contacts
  • Once the call initiates, tap on the screen to see some options at the bottom of the screen
    Tap on Effects
  • Tap on the Effects option that has a star-shaped icon.
  • On the left-most end just above Effects icon, you can see a monkey icon. That’s the one for Animoji effects.
    Facetime animoji effects
  • Tap on it > Select from a wide range of facial caricatures and shapes of funny animals that will replace your face in the video interaction.
  • You can also add text labels by tapping on the Aa button.
  • Also, you can add emoji stickers by tapping on the other items available under the effects tab.

There are a lot of items, emoticons, and emojis of objects that are available which you can use and customize as well.


To delete/edit any sticker or animoji that you have used, you have to tap on it to highlight and then tap on the x button.

So, that’s all about how to add Facetime effects on your iPhone or iPad. I hope that you can enjoy this feature with your friends.

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