All Apex Legends Rules 24, 32, 33, 34, and more: Explained

Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has firmly established itself as a highly popular game, with its fan base continuously expanding. A significant contributor to its popularity is its intricate rule set, which players can strategically navigate to their advantage. The well-defined rules in every online multiplayer game serve to elevate the gameplay experience, making it more engaging and challenging while providing opportunities to exploit opponents’ vulnerabilities. We have compiled a comprehensive list encompassing Apex Legends Rules 24, 32, 33, 34, and others.

For those who are acquainted with Apex Legends, understanding the game’s intricacies and nuances may seem commonplace. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that, often, players overlook some fundamental rules, leading to unfortunate defeats despite considerable effort. Given the game’s widespread acclaim, familiarizing oneself with these rules can substantially enhance one’s proficiency, facilitating ascension on the game’s leaderboards.

All Apex Legends Rules 24, 32, 33, 34, and more Explained

All Apex Legends Rules 24, 32, 33, 34, and more: Explained

Apex Legends falls into the battle hero shooter games you can play for free. The game has been gaining popularity because of its cross-platform compatibility which allows a larger group of players to play and collaborate together. If you play this game often, then here are some rules which you need to abide by:

Apex Legends Rule 24

According to this rule, you can easily step into an existing firefight and wipe out all other squads. According to the game moderators, this step is completely fair and will give you a good advantage in scoring points over other people battling.

This rule can be especially useful when you have good hiding spots near spawn areas. Whenever two or three squads fight or do a firefight, you can wait for the right moment and wipe out all the squads.

Apex Legends Rule 32

Rule 32 states that whatever achievements you must do inside the game, you need to maintain a proper record for the same, else it won’t happen. For eg, if you have shot a person from a 2 km range, then you need to record the gameplay and keep relevant screenshots in order to prove your game-playing skills online.

Please remember, you gave stats are automatically counted, this rule is just for social flexing, you should flex when you don’t have the proof.

Apex Legends Rule 33

This is more like an anti-spam rule which states that players should only use voice or chat communication to provide meaningful details only. Spamming and uttering random words come into spamming and is not useful for either the team players or other members playing the game.

Apex Legends Rule 34

This rule explicitly states that you should not edit or reproduce Apex Legends playing footed with something sexually proactive or adult in nature. This rule is made to stop ongoing game adult content flowing over the internet.

Apex Legends Rule 35

Rule 35 is a more advanced and strict version of existing rule 34. At the moment the rule details are not out yet, however, if the existing rule 34 doesn’t help in stopping the spread of Apex Legends adult content, then rule 35 will be imposed on all players.

Apex Legends Rule 63

This rule specifies that any player can do a gender swap easily whenever required without any hesitation or restrictions. This is to support different communities and gender identities and a step closer to making the game gender neutral.

Common Rules

Apart from all the rules stated above, there are some common rules or behaviour all players must adhere to in the game.

Don’t cheat in-game

Apex Legends has various anti-cheat mechanisms in control and will ban your account immediately if found cheating. Cheating here refers to any medium or activity that modifies the game contents or playstyle in any way. We recommend users not to use any cheat mods with the game.

Don’t hack other players’ accounts.

Do not attempt to hack or modify other players’ details; this will lead to a permanent ban. Any activity limiting other players’ gaming activity will also lead to the same result.

Don’t be a troll

We recommend users not to use foul language or abusive language or create an unnecessary nuisance. All of these activities can lead to strict actions toward your gaming account.

Don’t party up with cheaters

If you are found in the same quad or group as cheaters, your account will also be banned. So ensure your groupmates or teammates are not using any cheating mechanism in the game.


These Apex Legends Rules will help you improve your gameplay and lower the chances of getting a temporary restriction or ban over your game account. Also, it is important to understand and follow all of these rules to facilitate a good gaming community in the game. We will update this post with additional rules whenever the game moderators impose them, so bookmark our page.

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