All in One Tool for ASUS Rog Phone 2 [Drivers | TWRP | Factory image | Stock Recovery]

When it comes to Android, we can perform a lot of tasks, functions, and customizations. However, it becomes a tedious task to install a hundred different apps for individual functions. Like someone may wish to unlock and relock bootloader or may wish to flash stock/custom recovery. Then there is rooting, flashing partitions, using ADB, etc. So many scopes of customization and getting different applications for that can be confusing. Besides, not all the tools are reliable. This is quite a time-consuming process and may also get boring at one point for an Android enthusiast. So, to solve this issue we need one application that should be able to perform various functions easily. So, in this guide, we will discuss All in One Tool for ASUS ROG Phone 2.

In case you wonder, why should we use this particular tool out of all other tools available, let me explain. Well, this tool comes with a twist. It can support devices from 63 different OEMs. It has an option called Generic Phone. Under this, you can use the tool with any smartphone that brings support for Fastboot and ADB. We must mention here that this cool piece of application has been developed by XDA member mauronofrio. All credit goes to him.

Interestingly, you do not have to separately install the app each time a new version releases. You can easily update from within the application itself.

All in One Tool

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What Can the All in One Tool Accomplish

Here is a list of various functions this application can carry out on any Android smartphone it supports.

  • Lock the bootloader
  • Unlock the bootloader
  • Flash stock/custom recovery
  • Install TWRP
  • Perform device-specific rooting
  • Installing and Uninstalling APKs
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Recording the content on the screen
  • Update ADB & Fastboot
  • Set ADB & Fastboot privileges
  • You can install Drivers
  • Erase data
  • Direct installation of zip files from the PC


Here is the download link for the All in One Tool.

All in one Tool for ASUS ROG Phone 2

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How to Install All in One Tool

The installation part is quite simple.

  • Download the zip file of the tool
  • Right Click on the zip file > click on Properties
    Install All in One Tool
  • Set Unblock > Click Apply > Click OK.
  • Now extract the contents of the zip into a folder in your preferred location on your PC
  • Look for Setup.exe > Click Install

So, that’s it. This is how you can install the All in One Tool on your ASUS ROG Phone 2. Now, you can perform various actions on your phone using only one tool.

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