All Unit Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a thoroughly adventurous and engaging RPG. It is full of detailed battling strategies. You can not fully understand the game unless you are aware of the unit’s stats of the game. There are numerous game units, each of which has different stats. And the success ratio of tour gameplay will be based on how well you understand these unit stats. Unit stats in Fire Emblem Engage show a character’s strengths and weaknesses in battle.

These stats can be improved by leveling up, utilizing weapons and goods, or meeting specific in-game requirements. The detailed stats and how they are calculated vary between games in the franchise. In the below section, we will explain all the possible stats that is used in the Fire emblem Engage game. Every stat of the Fire Emebelelm Engage is here including the weapon stats that are used by the units in the game.

All Unit Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

All Unit Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

There are lots of confusing units in the Fire Emblem Engage, this can be Bid or the Avo, we will explain every unit below with their stats.

Unit Stats

  • HP(Hit Points): This represents the overall health of the unit, when it reaches zero, the unit will die.
  • Dex (Dexterity): Ultimately decides hit rate and the chance of a critical hit on a unit.
  • SPD (Speed): Determines the unit’s ability to avoid and use follow-up assaults. If the unit’s Speed is more than or equal to the foe’s Speed + 5, it can strike twice.
  • Def (Defense): Determine how much physical damage the unit receives.
  • Res (Resistance): Determines how much magical attack damage the unit receives.
  • Lck (Luck): Determines the probability of certain skills activating and is used to compute Hit, Avoid Dodge, and Staff Avoid.
  • Mov (Movement): The number of tiles the unit may move on the battlefield.
  • Bld (Build): Determine the maximum amount of weight a unit may carry without incurring a penalty. The weight of a weapon is referred to as its weight.
  • Rating: The total of the essential stats of the unit. Basic stats + Build + Emblem are the three components of the game.
  • Str (Strength): Determines how much damage the unit takes from physical assaults.
  • Mag (Magic): Determines how much damage the unit takes from magical assaults.

Weapon’s Stats

  • PH Attack: This stat defines the weapon’s attack power, the higher it is the stronger the attack of the weapon will be.
  • Hit: Affects the chances of getting a hit on the unit.
  • Crit: Affects your chances of landing a critical hit.
  • Avo: Influences your chances of dodging hostile strikes.
  • Ddg: Influences the chances of avoiding critical strikes.
  • Rng: Affects the maximum attack distance.

A unit’s stats can be improved through various methods in the game, such as leveling up, using items, and improving their equipment. It’s important to consider a unit’s stats and capabilities when making decisions in battle, such as deciding which units to deploy and where to position them.


In conclusion, the stats of units in Fire Emblem: Engage play a crucial role in determining their capabilities in battle. Understanding these stats and improving them through various means is crucial to success in the game. By carefully managing and developing their units, players can gain an advantage in battles and achieve victory.

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