All Warzone 2 DMZ Key Locations and Map

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is one of the best action-adventure games. The players love the game because of the features and events that are added to it regularly. In Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ, the players get access to new events through which they can earn great rewards. Similarly, the Warzone 2 DMZ Key is one of them. With the help of Key in Warzone 2 DMZ, the players can quickly get some heavy loot for playing further matches.

Many players have already found different keys through which they have already got the loot items. However, the players are still searching for other key locations and maps. We are here with a guide to help the players figure out this situation. This guide will list the Warzone 2 DMZ Key Locations along with the map. So, keep on reading to know more about it.

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Where Can You Find The Warzone 2 DMZ Key?

The users are always confused about where they will get the key in Warzone 2 DMZ. In case, if you don’t know, there is no specific place or location for a key. You can only get it in Warzone 2 DMZ by completing the HVT contracts, killing the AI enemies and checking the random loot containers. Once you get the Key in the game, you can use it to get a lot of loot items. However, when you will reach that place, you will have to face the AI enemies as they will be waiting for you.

All Warzone 2 DMZ Key Locations and Map

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Here are the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ Key Locations and the maps you can use to find the loot items. We have listed the map and the key location below, so make sure you check it properly.

Location Map Key
Zaya Radar Dome Zaya Observatory F5
Yum Yum Burger Back Room Al-Mazrah City G3
Weapons Repair Kit Sattiq Cave Complex D4
Under Freeway East Warehouse Al Mazrah City(South) G4
Traveler’s Luggage Al Malik Airport G6
Taraq Smuggle Office North East Taraq Village E2
Taraq River Supply Shack Al Mazrah City(Bridge) E2
Special Forces Deaddrop Special Forces Dead Drop G2
South Zaya Scientists Apartment South of Zaya Observatory D6
South Bank Apartment South of Sa’id City D6
South Al Bagra TF Bedroom Al Bagra Fort G7
Scientist’s Locker Zaya Observatory F5
Sawah Hotel Room 302/303 Sawah Hotel D8
Rohan Oil South Guard Shack Rohan Oil D3
Rohan Oil North Guard Shack North of the Rohan Oil D3
Rohan Control Room Locker Taraq Village D3
Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox Al Safwa Quarry D7
Power Substation Toolbox Al Samman Cemetry B4
Police Academy Server Locker Room Police Academy G4
Police Academy Locker Room Police Academy G4
Old Lighthouse Citadel Room South of Sariff Bay E6
North Canals Info Boot Promenade F3
Mountaintop Spotter Shack Southeast of Al Sharim Pass G5
Mawizeh Slum Discarded Cache Mawizah Marshlands F4
Mawizeh Cell Shop West of Mawizeh Marshlands F4
Longshoreman’s Duffel Bag Hafid Port B6
Kushaak Construction Warehouse Al-Safwa Quarry B4
IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room Hafid Port C6
Hydra Island Computer Southwest of Zarqwa Headquarters E4
Hafid Ship First Mate Cache Hafid Port B6
Hafid Ship Bridge Cache Hafid Port B6
Groundskeeping Building 2nd Floor of the Kushaak Warehouse E6
Far South Eastern Storage Closet Extreme east of the map B5
Deckhand’s Toolbox Dead Man’s Ship E8
Crane Control Room Al-Safwa Quarry POI B3
Clock Repair Tools Sarrif Bay POI F7
Ch 7 Secure Records Northeast to Al Mazrah city F2
Ch 7 Editorial Department Northeast to Al Mazrah city F2
Central Zaya Meeting room Zaya Observatory F5
Central Sa’ld Top Floor Apartment Sa’id City C6
Cavern Boat Dock Shack Sattiq Cave Complex D6
Caretaker’s House AI Samman Cemetary D7
Captain’s Cache Shipwreck E8
Canal Apartment 10 South of Canal Apartment F3
Bank of Adal 2nd / TS Office Sawah Village D7
B.C. Toolbox Al Malik Airport POI G5
Algae Covered Toolbox Al-Mazrah City F3
Al Safwa Stone Block Office Al-Safwa Quarry C4
Al Bagra Officers Quarters Al Bagra Fortress G7
Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom Al Bagra Fortress F7
Al Bagra Fortress Antiquities Al Bagra Fortress G7
Al Bagra Barrack Inside the Al Bagra Fortress G7
Airport Maintenance East of the Al Malik Airport G5
Ahmed Grocery Store Office Ahmed Grocery Store Office B5

Wrapping Up

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is a very exciting game and the players are very keen to play the game. The Warzone 2 DMZ Key is a new way for the players to get some hefty loot items. With the help of the right key and location, you can get a good amount of loot items in the game. We have tried to list out all the keys along with their map above. In case, if we have missed some key, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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