Fix: Amazon Echo Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Are you facing any issue with your Amazon Echo where it won’t connect to WiFi.? Then in this guide, I bring you some really easy troubleshooting methods to fix up this issue. When we speak of stable internet connectivity, we mostly refer to WiFi. For our fast internet use, we always look for a strong WiFi network. Even to run the virtual assistants through devices like Amazon Echo almost everyone uses WiFi. Sometimes, though for various technical reasons the Amazon Echo won’t connect to the WiFi connection you have.

Most of the time, the network from your provider may be down. The particular network you are trying to connect to may have been removed from the saved networks list. There may be a software snag causing the Amazon Alexa app to cause connection issues. This renders the WiFi unreachable or unstable for your Amazon Echo smart speaker. There are a few more causes that dismantle the connection between Amazon Echo and the WiFi. Let’s check them out and the solution.

Fix: Amazon Echo Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

These troubleshooting methods are in no particular order. you can use any of these depending upon what exact issue is causing the network disruption between the Amazon Echo and the WiFi.

Restart Your WiFi to Amazon Echo Connectivity Issue

Often a basic rebooting of your devices can fix the complex most issues. So, why not try that on the WiFi router.

  • Turn off your WiFi
  • Disconnect the WiFi Modem
  • Also, unplug the Amazon Echo
  • Now reconnect everything
  • Try to give some command to Amazon Echo and check if executes your commands smoothly
  • As an additional measure, you can try to switch between WiFi bands.

Normally, the Amazon Echo supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum of WiFi. So, try to interchange the frequencies and see if that makes any difference for establishing smooth connectivity.

If the above fix is not working, then move on to the next troubleshooting.

Are You Connecting to the Right WiFi Network

I’m sure you may have listed multiple WiFi networks on your devices. Now, not every network is present at the current moment, and not every network may connect. Maybe the Amazon Echo is connecting to a wrong or non-existent network.

  • Launch the Alexa App
  • Go to Devices and tap on it
  • Yu should ee your Amazon Echo
  • Tap on the device name to get into the network setting details
  • Check the WiFi network the device is currently connected to by tapping on the WiFi network
  • If it’s the wrong network then make sure your correct WiFi is properly connected and try to add it to the network list
  • Then try to connect the Amazon Echo to the right WiFi network

The WiFi Network May be Hidden

Sometimes, you may see that instead of the network name it shows as Hidden Network. So, check if the particular WiFi you are trying to connect the Echo too is hidden. If it is hidden, then unhide it and re-establish the connection between Amazon Echo and the WiFi network.

Try to Update Alexa App

Software app bugs are no stranger to causing the app to misbehave and not work as intended. When your Amazon Echo won’t connect to a WiFi network, an old version of the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant app may be the culprit for that. So, updating it should fix the problem

  • Go to Play Store(Android Users) or App Store(Apple Users)
  • Then check for the apps that are waiting for an updated installation
  • In the list of apps look if Amazon Alexa is listed
  • Then beside the app name, there would be an Update button. Tap on it
  • Restart the app after update installation finishes
  • Now, try to connect Amazon Echo to the WiFi and see the connection is establishing or still issue is showing up

Try to Set Stand Alone Router Security Type

This is another fix you may try to use if a WiFi connectivity issue is occurring with Amazon Echo. Normally, on your router combination of two security types is used. These are WPA and WPA2 security.

  • Check if your WiFi router is set to use both WPS + WPA2 security
  • All you have to do is set either WPA or WPA2 security for your router (any one of the two security types)

This is not a mandatory solution but if nothing else is not working then there is no harm in trying this out.

Using WiFi Extender Can Cause Amazon Echo to Not Connect to WiFi

Normally, folks use a WiFi extender to spread the WiFi network range over a bigger space. However, this may prove as a hindrance for the Amazon Echo in maintaining a stable connection with the WiFi network. So, make sure the WiFi network modem connecting to the Amazon Echo is not getting Extender support. Remove the extender and then try to connect your smart speaker to the WiFi and check whether connectivity fluctuates or not.

Try to Reset the Password of Your WiFi Network

If the WiFi is rejecting to connect to your Amazon Echo then one reason can be you put the wrong password for the network. Almost all protected WiFi networks use a password. It may happen that you have forgotten the password. This is common where people to reset their password and put up a complex password. Then they forget it. So, you can change the password to fix the issue

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone
  • Navigate to the Echo device settings
  • Go to WiFi > tap on Change
  • You will receive instructions on the go-to setup a fresh password for your WiFi network

NOTE: Make sure you are using a password that’s easy to remember. Don’t make it too simple and easy to crack. Just don’t use too many symbols for it will make it complicated.

Hard Reset Your Amazon Echo

I believe most of the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods should fix up the WiFi connection issue on your Amazon Echo. If none of the methods worked for you, then the only way remains is to hard reset the Amazon Echo.  Keep in mind that, when you will hard reset your device, it will lose all its information and all the settings will be removed automatically.

Then post the factory reset, you can start by connecting the WiFi network to the Amazon Echo and start from scratch. Also, all the other settings for the smart speaker has to be done again.


Today most users are getting used to taking the help of their smart speaker and virtual assistant in their daily lives. So, it’s important that if they use Amazon Echo then it should connect to the WiFi network smoothly for efficient functioning. If you have been facing connectivity issues with your Echo device, then this guide should help you out.

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