Apple Watch Series 5 Support End Date and Time

In terms of smartwatch technology, the Apple Watch Series 5 offers only very minor upgrades over its predecessor, apart from the welcome ability to always have the display on. While the Apple Watch 3 does not have a price hike and offers more storage, many people will find it more appealing to buy the cheaper Apple Watch 3. Since the Watch 5 has mostly stayed the same as the Watch 4 design, it’s not unexpected. Watches in 40mm and 44mm sizes (for different wrist sizes) now feature ceramic and titanium options, which are pretty cool but are quite expensive.

But, those who purchased this smartwatch back in 2019 or even planning to buy this in 2022 are worried whether Apple is going to end the support for Apple Watch Series 5. Well, don’t worry about that, as we have some great news for you. Yes, after listening to the news, we will tell you. So, let’s check out the article further.

Apple Watch Series 5 Support End Date and Time

What Are The Features of the Apple Watch Series 5?

In comparison to its predecessor, this model included a compass and an always-on display with low power that could refresh as often as once per second. A more energy-efficient S5 processor and an improved ambient light sensor are among the additional new features.

However, storage has been doubled to 32 GB with International Emergency Calling, enabling emergency calls across over 150 countries. A ceramic model was also introduced in Series 5, replacing the previous generation’s “Edition” model. There were also two new titanium models available: natural and space black.

Does Apple Going To End Support For Watch 5 Series?

Recently, on 24 Oct 2022, Apple released the watchOS 9.1 updates for Apple Watch 4 or newer versions. However, as per the speculation, Apple is currently not planning anything regarding the Watch 5 series support. So, it is not a smart move to just start assuming about that after listening to some speculations. 

Moreover, as the Watch 5 series launched back in 2019, therefore, it will get support for sure up to 2021-22. But we are at the end of 2022, and still, there isn’t any news regarding the support end for Watch Series 5. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you have one. But, in case you are planning to buy one, we advise you to go for the Series 6 or newer. 

So, that’s all about Apple Watch Series 5 support end date and time. We hope that you understood the points that we discussed earlier in this article. Furthermore, in case you need more info regarding the same, comment below and let us know. 


  1. My iwatch series 5 got display issue even without doing anything wrong with it,I really worried about it

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing display issues with your Apple Watch Series 5. It can be concerning when a device encounters problems without any apparent cause. Here are a few suggestions you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

      Perform a soft reset by pressing and holding the Digital Crown and side button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. This may resolve any temporary glitches.
      Ensure that your watch is running the latest watchOS version. To check for updates, open the Watch app on your paired iPhone, go to General > Software Update, and follow the instructions if an update is available.
      If the problem persists, unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone and then pair it again. This process can sometimes fix any underlying issues.
      If none of these steps help, I recommend contacting Apple Support or visiting an Apple Store to have a professional diagnose the issue. They’ll be able to provide further assistance and determine whether your watch requires repairs or replacement under warranty.

      I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and I hope your Apple Watch issue is resolved soon

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