How to beat Archdemon in Trials of Mana

One of the three final bosses you encounter in Trials of Mana is the Archdemon. This demon has a fixed set of attacks that she will use throughout the battle against you. For the most part, we conclude that the fight against Archdemon is easy because dodging its attacks isn’t that much hard. The Archdemon has a hell lot of AoE attack with her, which is what she’ll use the most in the battle.

Like we already said, dealing with the Archdemon isn’t that difficult. So if you’re here looking for a way to fight it off, then read on, you’re in the right place. Today in this guide, we’ll take you through the best way to fight against the Archdemon and all her attacks that you’ll have to deal with. Without any further ado, let’s dive into how to beat Archdemon in Trials of Mana.

How to beat Archdemon in Trials of Mana

This boss will go all out on you with AoE attacks. But when it comes to battling bosses, our strength is their weaknesses and we must utilize their weaknesses. The Archdemon we are dealing with here is immobile, meaning that he doesn’t move around too much. That gives us a precise target to go all out on. One other thing is that since his attacks are all AoE, he takes a few seconds of charge up time before he initiates the attack against you. And this charge up time is where our opportunity lies.

How to beat Archdemon in Trials of Mana

When you’re in a battle against Archdemon, plan your attack very well. This is where you seriously need to put your brain up for the test. The best way we can deal with the Archdemon is by dodging his attacks and going all out on him when we get the chance. As I said, he takes a charge up time before he attacks you. This is your time to think about how to dodge, defend, and counter. Often times, you can attack the Archdemon repeatedly while he’s charging up. If you deal enough damage to it this way, the charging up will cancel. So below, we will list down all of the attacks so that you’ll get familiar with them to identify in the battle. This way, you’ll know what’s coming and what to avoid:

1. Fire Tornado and Explosion: This is the first set of attack the Archdemon will conjure at you in the beginning. This will last until his health reduces by half. This is basically tornados of fire, for which you’ll see a red area that indicates the area of effect. Try to avoid the red area as much as possible.

2. Phase 2: Once you manage to take out half the health of the Archdemon, it will enter into phase 2. This is where it will become more powerful, conjuring a better and stronger set of attacks at you.

3. Meteor Strike: The Archdemon will summon three portals, through which rocks are conjured at you. It is ideal that we dodge these rocks to still stand a chance in the battle, so keep dodging these rocks as much as possible.

4. Laser Purple: Here, the Archdemon summons a straight line of laser from itself and from the skies. The traces of the path that this laser goes will result in explosions. Keep well clear of the path that the laser travels through to avoid falling for the explosion.

5. Purple Pyramid: Now, you’ll see two orbs at the opposite ends. These are powerhouses of a very strong attack. The best way out of this is to be as quick as possible and destroy the two orbs. Because dodging its attack is impossible and you’re likely not to stand a chance once it detonates.

6. Fire Explosion: This is pretty similar to the pyramid attack but instead of two, you have three of such things to deal with here. In the battling platform, you’ll find three machines about to detonate an attack. Like before, destroy these three to avoid the attack as it is impossible to dodge it once detonated.

7. Charged Explosion: Here, the Archdemon will summon two yellow orbs by his side and he’ll start charging up for a devastating attack. This time, go all out on the demon before he detonates the attack. If you manage to do so, you will stun him and the attack will get called off.

Summing up our guide, getting through the Archdemon is not so hard. Your advantage is that the boss is not mobile and requires a charge up time. If you make your timing right for dodging its attacks and repeatedly attacking before it detonates the attack, you’ll be able to pull this battle off pretty fine. Winding up, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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