Best Animals for the Somniel Farm in Fire Emblem Engage

The most recent installment of Nintendo’s turn-based role-playing game series, Fire Emblem Engage, has now been made available worldwide. Although the game is reasonably user-friendly for beginners, it can take hours to fully understand all of its complex mechanics, including unit management, weapon triangles, and subtleties.

Fire Emblem Engage has traditional role-playing components that serve as a diversion in between battle scenarios, just like earlier games in the series. These extracurricular activities provide the story and the context of the characters.

Adopting and caring for the adorable young animals that surface after each battle is one of these optional activities. These post-battle animals are also a reliable source of uncommon and valuable things. An animal can be used to cultivate resources once it has been adopted and brought to Somniel.

If you are someone who is searching for the animals for the Somniel Farm, then don’t worry this guide will help you. In this guide, we will discuss the best animals for the Somniel Farm in Fire Emblem Engage. So, make sure to read the full article. And now, let’s start the guide.

Fire Emblem Engage

Which are the Best Animals for the Somniel Farm in Fire Emblem Engage?

What you value most will determine which animal is best for your farm. The two resources that animals will deliver you are ingredients or ore. Rare Vegetables are perfect if you frequently prepare and use packaged meals for the health benefits. The solution, though, is ore if you are having trouble refining your weapons.

Below down we have discussed the best animals for ingredients and the best animals for ore in Fire Emblem Engage. So, continue reading to know about it.

Which are the Best Animals for the Ingredients in Fire Emblem Engage?

It is crucial to stay on top of the Skirmishes that pop up on your world map every hour in Fire Emblem Engage. If you follow these instructions and your donation tiers are respectably high, you should spend some time exploring each post-battle map to gather the various ingredients hidden around the game.

However, there is one component that you will not usually find in nature: rare fruits, vegetables, and fish. Because of this, the best animals for maintenance will give you that.

  • You can keep the Rutile Marmot, which may be unlocked at Brodia Donation Level 2, for the Rare Fruits.
  • You can keep the Vervain Deer, which you can earn after reaching Elusia Donation Level 2, for the Rare Vegetables.
  • You will have to find Tartu Flamingos, which you can get once you have reached Solm Donation Level 2, for the Rare Fish.

Which are the Best Animals for the Ore in Fire Emblem Engage?

Silver Ingot, which may finally be purchased in the Somniel for 5,000 G, is one of the most expensive resources in the game. These creatures will not give you much. But, if you return after each skirmish or story quest, you can gradually gather enough materials to advance your weapon’s refinement.

Keep as many Elysian Dogs and Black Elysian Dogs as you can for the Silver Ingot. By doing it, you can obtain up to 5 silver ingots. A White Elyosian Dog will give you that if you don’t mind adding Steel to the mix.


This was all for the guide on Best Animals for the Somniel Farm in Fire Emblem Engage. We hope that with the help of this guide, you were able to get to know about it. If you have any queries or issues, then do let us know by mentioning them in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve them and provide you with a guide on it. For more such helpful guides, do check out our website.

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