Best Class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem is a tactical-based role-playing game that the players find very interesting. The players are getting mad over the gameplay and concept of the game. In the game, the players will get different characters to recruit. Goldmary is one of them in Fire Emblem Engage. She is one of the best characters that you will get from Elusia. However, upgrading the players is a great thing to do if you go for any new battle. We are here with the Best Class For Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage. We know that you are also searching for the same on the internet. That’s why we thought to help the users.

Fire Emblem Engage

Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage


Goldmary is a Hero Class player you will get when joining the team. However, you will be able to upgrade it to the next best class. Before that, we will list the stats through which you will be able to understand its base stats and growth stats.

Base Stats 

Here are the base stats of the Goldmary.

  • HP: 65
  • Str: 30
  • Mag: 5
  • Dex: 25
  • Spd: 25
  • Def: 55
  • Res: 25
  • Lck: 25
  • Bld: 5

Growth Stats

Here are the growth stats of Goldmary.

  • HP: 20
  • Str: 15
  • Mag: 0
  • Dex: 15
  • Spd: 0
  • Def: 25
  • Res: 10
  • Lck: 5
  • Bld: 5

So, this was the Base and Growth Stats of Goldmary. Let’s check out the Best Class For Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage

We know you are excited to know the best class for Goldmary in the game. When joining the team, she will be a Hero class player with the base stats we have listed. When she is in the Hero Class, she will have the skills of Brave Assist.


After it, you can upgrade to two classes when you keep on grinding the game. The classes are General and Great Knight. We suggest you upgrade to the Great Knight as it will increase the growth rates, and the skill you will get in the game is Allied Defenses. The Great Knight is an Advanced Class that is of Cavalry type. By upgrading to this class, you will be able to perform best in the game.

Wrapping Up

We hope you understand which class you should use for the Goldmary. The Fire Emblem Engage is a perfect tactical game; you have to ensure that your team and the characters are at their best to win the matches. With the help of this guide, you have got to know about Goldmary. We hope this guide has helped you resolve the query of “Best Class for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage.” Keep on grinding in the game to upgrade to the best class of Goldmary. That’s it for today, see you in the next one.

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