Best Class and Skills for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

The newest Switch-exclusive tactical RPG, Fire Emblem Engage, has been available to play since the 20th of January this year. It is also the newest instalment of the Fire Emblem franchise, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. This game has many things to learn about, such as what classes and skills to use for characters. If you are looking for a guide on the Best Class and Skills for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage, you are in the right place.

The game succeeds the massively popular RPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses and is different in its way. Players can explore the continent of Elyos and look for new characters. These characters will support you in battle, but you must optimize them first. You can do so by choosing the right class and skills for them. So, let’s find out the Best Class and Skills for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Class and Skills for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage: Anna Best Class and Skills

Anna is a character who you will have seen before if you’ve played the previous instalments of Fire Emblem. She is a recurring major character who has made an appearance in almost every game of the franchise. As a mentor and commander of the characters, initially, you will be able to use Anna in your party to battle as well. Her Base Class is an Axe Fighter, while her Unit Type is Backup.

Before you pick Anna’s best class and skills, you will need to get her into your team. You can recruit Anna during the Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant, which is the first Paralogue. All you need to do is to look inside the middle chest south of the battlefield. Alear will speak to her for recruitment and Anna will automatically become a part of your team henceforth. You can also choose to recruit her early by speaking with her during the battle. This will help make your fight with the bandits easier as well.

Anna is a useful character to have around, as you will be able to get a benefit from her to make farming Gold easier. When she joins your team, she is a Level 4 Axe Fighter. The class doesn’t seem to do her justice compared to her growth stats. However, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s find out the best classes and skills to choose for Anna to make her a powerful fighter.

Best Classes for Anna

There are a lot of possibilities for the best class that Anna can have, but one thing that is not recommended is her base class. Anna is not at her full potential as an Axe Fighter, so you can try out a different class for her as soon as possible. Let’s find out which classes would be best for her, considering her stats.

  • Sage: Anna has the highest MAG growth in the game, so she would do well as a magic user. To give her the highest Proficiency, you can make her a Sage so that she can use the best spells. This is a long process, and Anna will need to be reclassed to a Mage first. The first thing that you will need to do if you want to reclass Anna is to get her to Level 10. Now, take her to an Advanced Class and keep Micaiah equipped to her. This is to ensure that she can learn the Staff and Tome Proficiencies. Once that is done, you will need to use a Second Seal to change her into a Sage. Finally, Anna will have access to the highest Tomes and even higher Mag growth. This will allow her to deal immense damage to enemies.
  • Bow Knight: If you still want to keep Anna as a melee fighter, this is your best option. Instead of taking the longer path and increasing her MAG, you can change her from an Axe Fighter to a Bow Knight. The first thing you will need to do is to get her to pick up Bow Proficiency from an Emblem. You can get it from Leif, Lyn, or Lucina. After you have attained proficiency, you can use a Master Seal to turn Anna into a Warrior. Finally, use a Second Seal to reclass her Bow Knight. Anna will be able to enjoy higher SPD growth and hit twice for most encounters. She will also be able to use Radiant Bows and Hurricane Bows. as a Bow Knight.
  • High Priest: If you want to utilize her Gold Farming skill, High Priest is a good choice. By giving up MAG-3, you will be able to get higher max stats for everything except DEX and DEF. With the immense 8-point higher LCK cap, you will be able to use your Make a Killing skill which depends on LCK. This is a great way to farm gold and reap some of the benefits of being a magic user. However, she will never be as powerful as a Sage as she has lost access to the higher tomes.

Best Skills for Anna

Anna has a personal skill for Gold Farming: Making a Killing. This makes her one of the best characters to use when you need to farm Gold. Every time Anna defeats an enemy, she can earn 500 Gold, depending on her Luck Stat. Apart from this skill, it would be best if you also got her to learn some of the standard levelling skills: Lineage from Edelgard, Mentorship from Byleth, and Starsphere from Tiki.

Here are the recommended skills for Anna which will improve her stats and performance in battle:

  • Speedtaker: This skill requires Lyn Bond Level 4. It will give Anna SPD+2 every time she begins combat and defeats the enemy. It is a stacking bonus which lasts for the rest of the battle. The max that you can stack SPD is +10.
  • Perceptive+: You can get this skill with Marth Bond Level 16. If Anna begins the battle, she will get AVO+30 which increases with high SPD. Thus, these skills essentially work together to improve SPD and other skills.
  • Alacrity++: This skill requires Lyn Bond Level 18. Anna can use the SPD stat to her advantage if she has at least +5 of it. Before the enemy can counterattack, she can use a follow-up move.
  • Resonance+: You will need Celica Bond Level 16 for this skill. It applies when Anna’s HP is 2 or more. When Anna is equipped with a Tome, she will sacrifice 1 HP at the beginning of the combat to deal +3 damage during combat.

Best Emblem Rings for Anna

The Emblem Rings you choose for Anna depend upon the class you picked for her. With the right Emblem Rings, you will be able to maximize Anna’s potential. If you have decided whether you want to use her as a magic or melee unit, you can check out which characters work well with her below.

  • Lyn: If you have chosen the Bow Knight route, you can pick Lyn. She has high SPD and will ensure that Anna can fit in a follow-up move before the enemy can attack. This is possible with the Alacrity skill, when you have a SPD+9 advantage over your enemy. With the Speedtaker skill, this can be even easier to achieve.
  • Micaiah: For magic users, Level 10 Micaiah is the best choice. Micaiah has some special healing abilities such as the Silence Ward skill. She will be able to heal at range and you will get MAG upgrades as well, which will help with your class.
  • Celica: Celica will be able to support Anna with Tome Precision, Resonance, and even boost her MAG stats. You will be able to access her Echo and Warp Ragnarok skills. These will allow Anna to cover a large area while dealing with multiple opponents and take them down quickly.
  • Tiki: Additionally, if you have access to the Expansion Pass you can pick Tiki. This is a good choice if you want to increase Anna’s Gold farming ability. Syncing with Tiki will increase your LCK bonus.

Well, that’s all for the best class and skills for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage. Anna is one of the characters who will bloom when you change their class. No matter if you have picked the melee or the magic route, Anna will support your party and take down powerful enemies.

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