Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps for Android

Looking for some great utility apps to spice things up with your Android device? Well if that’s the case, then you’re absolutely in the right place! Read on to discover some of the best live weather wallpaper apps for Android that you can download in 2020 for a much better home screen!

Our phones have evolved into something much more than just pieces of technology that we use to make calls to one another. Our lives now heavily depend on the apps and services that are found on our smartphones. Be it social media for entertainment or finance apps for managing your budgets – smartphones have indeed changed the way we live. One such aspect that our smartphones have provided even easier access to is the weather. You now know exactly when and for how long it is going to rain or remain sunny. Leaving your home without an umbrella is a rare occasion thanks to how accurate weather reports have become.

Android is one of the best OSes when it comes to customization, some might even say there’s no competition with how locked iOS is. A notable feature from the past that blew everyone’s minds was live wallpapers. You could for the first time on a handheld device, apply wallpapers that responded to stimuli such as touch or your phone’s accelerometer. While live wallpapers were the talk of the year ages ago, almost everyone forgot they even exist today.

Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps for Android

However, this is not to say that you cannot make more out of your Android device by using these live wallpapers. While most people would gravitate towards using a fancy live wallpaper with a lot of movement, there are people who would also love to make utility out of them. Using your home screen as a showcase to predict the weather is probably one of the best uses you can accomplish. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best picks. So without any further ado, here are some of the best live weather wallpaper apps that you can enjoy on your Android device!

Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps for Android

#1 – Forest Live Wallpaper

Kicking the list off, we have one of my favorite live weather wallpaper apps that the Play Store has. The Forest Live Wallpaper app not only looks great but has many options that you can fine tweak to your own liking. What makes this app stand out the most is just how clean the wallpapers are, making them compatible with every sort of home screen setup. As the name suggests, the wallpaper showcases a bunch of trees representing those in a forest.

The wallpaper automatically changes according to the time of the day and the transition is really smooth and almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye. The trees are animated and you get effects for rain, snow, and fog. You can customize all the colors in the theme if the default palet doesn’t sit well with the apps on your screen.

To top it all off, the wallpaper has a 3D parallax effect which gives off a distinct and realistic look whenever you tilt your phone. Overall, this is easily one of the best looking live weather wallpaper apps you can get in my opinion. You can download the latest version of this live wallpaper weather app for your Android phone or tablet by following the link to the Google Play Store page below:

[googleplay url=””]

#2 – Paperland Live Wallpaper

Talking about unique and uncanny, the next live wallpaper app on this list will intrigue you a whole bunch. It doesn’t follow the same route as the other minimalist wallpaper apps or not even the one’s that aim at bringing the tiniest bit of details to your phone’s home screen. Instead, what you get is a drawing styled theme for your wallpaper with cutouts that resemble paper art. The wallpaper might seem a bit childish at first, but it does have some elements worth mentioning.

You get a Sun, some clouds and the wallpaper automatically changes to resemble the weather outdoors. The app is powered by AccuWeather which is a great thing since it is one of the most reliable services to choose when it comes to minute-by-minute weather prediction. You do get a couple of themes in the free version that you can cycle between.

However, if you need even a tad bit more of customization we would suggest you grab the pro version. You also get a behemoth of extra themes if you decide to grab the premium wallpaper app. You do get the standard grassy theme built-in by default alongside the night or desert ones in the free version. The pro version has many others such as Christmas, sunset, wilderness, thanksgiving and more. You can download the latest version of Paperland Live Wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet by following the link to the Google Play Store page below:

[googleplay url=””]

#3 – Weather Live Wallpapers

Ending our list of some of the best live wallpaper weather apps for Android, we have a great mention. If you have been looking for something not as cartoony or abstract as the other two apps that we’ve mentioned on the list so far, you will appreciate the next one the most. Weather Live Wallpapers is an incredibly realistic app when it comes to choosing a live wallpaper app for your phone’s home screen.

Not only does it bring real images to your home screen, but the effects that it has such as rain, snow, and smog are all also rendered really well and look highly realistic. This live wallpaper also has a widget and standalone app that you can use to maximize your phone’s potential. You can add the widget to your home screen for a better overview of what the exact temperature is outdoors.

You can choose among various services to be the source of the weather information that they live wallpaper fetches. This is best suited for those who have had troubles with a few services more than others. The app is mostly free to use with most of the features already available in the free version. You can download the latest version of this live wallpaper weather app for your Android phone or tablet by following the link to the Google Play Store page below:

[googleplay url=””]

That’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed our roundup of some of the best live weather wallpaper apps for Android phones! Which one among the list is your favorite, and how many of these live weather wallpaper apps for Android have you already known or have been using? Know other good Android live wallpaper weather apps that you feel people might find interesting and helpful in improving one’s vocabulary? Do let us know in the comments section below; we’d be delighted to hear from you guys!

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