Top 40 BEST Minecraft House Ideas (June 2023)

Minecraft is one of the very famous games among users and streamers. It allows users to create their world and do interesting things in it. The game has seen immense growth in a short period. A lot of users are playing this game daily, whereas the YouTubers are streaming the game on their channels.

The game gives the ability to build different things. So, you can do it for your world. Houses are one of the great things that users want to make in the game. But, they have been confused most of the time that what they should build. So, to overcome this confusion, we are here with the best ideas for your house in Minecraft. Check out the ideas below for June 2023.

Minecraft House

Top Ideas For Minecraft Houses That You Should Build in June 2023

In the list of ideas, we will mention the top houses which you can build in Minecraft. It will be best according to the looks but will be hard to build. So, check out the below.

1. House With Swimming Pool

House With Swimming Pool

This is the new modern house which comes with the Swimming Pool. It is designed by HALNY. You can make this building in Minecraft very easily. Along with it, when you are building the House, then you can customize the pool and garden with your own colours.

2. Mangrove House

Mangrove House

The Mangrove House by Folli comes with a great design. This house is small which makes it more lovely. But, building this house will be hard. As you can see the material which is used in it. Also, the chimney from which the fire is blowing.

3. Cross Underground House

Cross Underground House

This is another underground house that has been built in Minecraft. The main difference is in the space, design, and color. It also gives it a unique look and looks pleasing to the eyes because of the scene. There are also flowers on the walls. It has been made by Spudetti.

4. Underground House


Underground House has been made by the Folli. If you have ever thought to live in an underground house then it’s the right time to do so. You can build this in Minecraft with all the required things that you want in the house. Also, you can see that there are 4 entrances to it which makes it unique. The color theme which has been used in it gives a good and professional look to it. The plants that are used in the surrounding is also looking beautiful.

5. Beach House

Beach House

The beach house is another good and unique house built in Minecraft. It is surrounded by water and also has a garden to give it a pleasant look. There is also a boat to make it look more good. The house also has a balcony on the roof. It has been built by Zaypixel.

6. Wooden Modern House

Wooden Modern House

This Wooden Modern House will give you a completely decent look. It has been made with wooden material and designed like a modern house. The house is also surrounded by a lot of trees and flowers. It has been built by SheepGG.

7. Fantasy Mansion


If you have ever thought to make a big house, then you can build this Fantasy Mansion. It has been built with different materials and colors. Also, the design of the house is also unique and comes with two clocks. It has been built by BigTonyMc.

8. Modern House With Pool

Modern House With Pool

The Modern House with Pool is all you need to build in Minecraft. It has been designed perfectly to fulfill all the needs. Also, the white color gives it a decent look. It has been built by IrieGenie.

9. Modern Villa House

Modern Villa House

It is another Modern House which has been made with the structure of a Villa. So, if you like to live in Villa which has all things with it then you can build this. It has been built by AkilaGaming.

10. Underwater Modern House

Underwater Modern House

If you like to build a house which is all surrounded by water then it will be perfect for you. This Underwater Modern House by Random Steve Guy comes with a cool and aesthetic modern look. It is one of the interesting houses to make in Minecraft.

11. 3-Floor White Container House

3-Floor White Container House

This is another interesting house that we found. It comes with 3 floors and is designed with container material. We can also see the stairs that are present in the house which gives an aesthetic look. It is built by ManDooMin.

12. Mountain-Side House

Mountain-Side House

The Mountain Side house by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is another beautiful house on the list. You can see the lights that are in the house as well as on the outside of the house. The boxes are also giving pleasant look to the house. You can definitely build something like this to make your house look more eye-catchy and pleasant.

13. Large Japanese House

Large Japanese House
If you are interested in building big houses then this will be the right choice for you. You can build this Large Japanese House which is very much big and comes with different things. It has been built by Folli.

14. Luxury Modern House

Luxury Modern House

This is another Luxury Moder House that has been built by OSHACRA. If you want to build on a large space then it will perfect choice. As you can see that it has a garden, balcony, pool and much more which gives it more good look.

15. Pink Modern House

Pink Modern House

This modern house has been built by Kam The Builder. It is similar to the modern house but comes in Pink color.

16. Pink Modern House 2

Pink Modern House 2

This is another Pink Modern House. It has a balcony, and roof, and comes with a great design which you can go with. It has been built by GAMES.

17. Large Farmhouse

17. Large Farmhouse

If you are thinking to build a house in a wider space with lots of design then this house will be a perfect fit for you. It has been made by JUNS MAB Architecture. And, they have made sure to utilize the space with different things. This is why the House is said Large Farmhouse.

18. Large Farmhouse 2

Large Farmhouse 2

This Farmhouse 2 is made by Zaypixel. It is designed with Wooden material and also comes with a farm in front of it. The design of the house is also unique and there is a chimney on top of it. The lights are also well placed which makes it look more eye-catchy.

19. Oak Treehouse

Oak Treehouse

If you want to design something hard and different, then the Oak Treehouse will be good for you. It has been built by Shock Frost. And, they have made sure that the space is properly utilised along with the roof of Oak Tree.

20. Jungle Treehouse

Jungle Treehouse

Jungle Treehouse by DiddiHD is another unique house on the list. It is similar to the Oak Treehouse but it has been made in the jungle. There is a lot of space which are used by balcony, rooms, stairs and much more.

21. Pirate House

Pirate House

If you are a fan of Pirates then this Pirate House by DiddiHD will be a good fit for you to build in Minecraft. It has been designed with wooden material and along with the use of plants and leaves.

22. Wizard House

Wizard House

The Wizard House by Zaypixel is another unique and tall house on the list. It is very much taller and the floors are also divided according to it. There is also a chimney at the top. And, the color theme of the house is very good. You can also try building this house.

23. Witch House

Witch House by PlatinumThief will be a good choice for a night view. It has been made in great shape. The house has been made with stones. And, the lighting of the house gives it an aesthetic look.

24. Japanese House

If you want to build something related to Japan then the Japanese House by BlueBits will be good to go with. This house has been beautifully designed. And, it comes with a lot of space. You can add something more to it according to your choice.

25. Large Survival House

If you want to make a tall and large house. Then, the Large Survival House by Folli is good to make in Minecraft. This house comes with different rooms and floors. Also, it has great lighting. The leaves are also used in the building and give it a good look. It has been made with stones and wooden material.

26. Suburban House

This is a type of modern house that you can make in Minecraft. It comes with a very decent look. The Suburban House has been built by Rizzial. You can also make it in a small space.

27. Stylish Modern House

The Stylish Modern House by JINTUBE is a complete Modern House that comes with a pool, room, playing area, and much more. It also has a balcony and comes with stairs. The flowers are also with in the house which makes it more beautiful.

28. Modern City House

The Modern City House by JINTUBE is another house on our list which has been made and designed with full modern needs. You can build this in Minecraft if you want to build it in a large area. But, it will take a long time.

29. Large Modern House

The Large Modern House built by IrieGenie is a complete house with rooms, a pool, a balcony, a roof, and other pieces of stuff. It also comes with a great color theme which you will like. Also, the light which is given in the house will give it aesthetic look at the night.

30. Luxury Modern House

This Luxury Modern House by OSHACRA will be a great choice for you if you want to build a house in medium space. The house has been made with a great color theme and as well as with the use of leaves on the rooftop. The garden, pool, and balcony are also present in it.

31. Epic Modern House

The Epic Modern House by LubovLC is the house that you need for a perfect night view. You can see that the light which is in it are well organized. And, it will give the house a great look.

32. Underwater Mountain House

This Underwater Mountain House by Zaypixel is similar to the Mountain-Side house. But, it is made under the water.

33. Waterfall Modern House

This is another modern house which comes with a waterfall. And, that’s why it is named Waterfall Modern House by Random Steve Guy. You will have to make it in a large space along with the proper use of flowers and grass. The Waterfall will also give the house a great look.

34. Modern Blue House

This is another modern house that is similar to another modern house. But, it has color theme of Blue and White. This Modern Blue House has been built by LubovLC.

35. Luxury Villa House

The Luxury Villa House by LubovLC is another modern space made in a large space. It comes with a swimming pool, stairs and much more. There are two houses connected with it. And, it has been made with great design and structure. This is hard to make and it will also take a lot of time.

36. Ultimate Survival House

This is another Wooden house. It comes with a different design and is built using wood and stone. If you are thinking to make a simple house then Ultimate Survival House by SV Gravity will be a good fit for you.

37. Large Spruce Mansion House

If you have thought to make a mansion, then this Large Spruce Mansion House by Folli is all you need. The house has been designed very well and divided into different floors. Also, the plants are used very well to give them a decent look.

38. Stylish Wooden House

This Stylish Wooden House by Folli is a simple house made using woods. And, it has plants outside the house. The lighting that is in the house will give a good look at the nighttime.

39. Modern Treehouse

If you are thinking to build a house on the tree then the Modern Treehouse by 6tenstudio will be good to build. It is similar to a modern house but made on a tree.

40. Tall Modern House

This Tall Modern House by JUNS MAB Architecture is all you need to build if you are thinking to make it in a small space with divided floors. You can see the lights that are used in it. It will look beautiful and pleasing at the night.


This was all for this article. We have listed all the best houses that you can try building in Minecraft. I hope you liked the houses that we have mentioned. If you have any doubts then do ask in the comment section below.

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