Best Weapons To Start Within Sons of the Forest – All List Updated

On Thursday morning, we all were blessed with a survival horror game named “Sons of the Forest,” developed by Endnight Games. Sons of the forest are not the first game. It is a sequel to 2014’s revolutionary match, “The Forest.” At the time, that game was challenging for the industry. Unity made this game with modern requirements and provided early access to Microsoft Windows to get the same advantage as before.

Its improved mechanics and brighter AI make Sons of the Forest more appealing. The visuals and the storyline it delivers are stunning. As Sons of the Forest is primarily a survival game, many people wonder with which weapon they should begin their journey. Thus, we studied and analyzed each gun in detail. After that, we prepared a list of weapons you should try first. Here is a closer look at what they have to offer.

Best Weapons To Start Within Sons of the Forest - All List Updated

Best Weapons To Start Within Sons of the Forest – All List Updated

Sons of the Forest weapons are the only defence you can make against Fingers, John 2.0, Sluggy, and other challenges in the game. We are grateful for the recent trailers released by Endnight Games. From that trailer’s clip, Sons of the forest have plenty of weapons in the game. For a quick overview, you can check out the list below.

  • Cattle prod: Weapon used to stun enemies that close to you
  • Chainsaw: To Unlease pure carnage against mutants and cannibals
  • Climbing Axe: To climb on a wall provided they are a climbable wall.
  • Crafted axe (from The Forest): To chop down trees in 13 hits
  • bomb: Explosive weapon provide upto 65 damage
  • Crafted club: Crafted by Stick and Skull to beat enemies and building
  • Crossbow: Use to kill cannibals where one for the headshot and 2 hits to the body
  • Machete: To cut stick trees, bushes, and Shrubs in one hit
  • Molotov: It leaves a small trail of fire that can damage mutants who come into contact with it.
  • Pistol: a variety of guns used to kill the cannibals
  • Revolver: a kind of gun having a different mechanism than a pistol and offer unique damage to mutants
  • Rock: It can be used as a weapon to throw and distract enemies
  • Severed arm: Use your body arm to kill the enemies
  • Severed leg: Use your body leg to kill the mutants and enemies
  • Shotgun: A type of gun that provides a different ability and damage to the mutants
  • Shovel: A building block that can use to ward off enemies as well as dig the ground for craft building
  • Stick: To make fire, this tool helps kill the enemy through it.
  • Spear: A throwable weapon to kill the mutants who targeted
  • Taser: A usable weapon primarily to kill enemies found at the end of the boarded cave
  • Fireman’s axe: A weapon to smash windows or doors to gain entry
  • Flare: A light source that glows red and is throwable to kill enemies
  • Guitar: A useful tool to bash the enemies through In-game challenges
  • Katana: It is used to dismember dead corpses
  • Knife: A weapon used to craft meat from animals

You read this list of weapons in Sons of the Forest, but the trailer highlighted some specific weapons. These are the weapons that provide a solid reason to start the game. It is still possible to win in-game challenges even if you are a newbie. There are a few weapons you must choose, even if you are a newbie. Let’s look at the most effective weapons to use in Sons of the Forest without further delay.

Note: We assume you have already decided to use a severed arm and leg as a first weapon.

Axe: When starting Sons of the Forest, the axe is a vital weapon you must consider. Hence, an iconic axe can be a staple in Sons of the Forest since it mainly relies on its predecessors. A multi-purpose weapon, it can collect resources and limbs, and heads from mutants. Regarding axes, the Heckler & Koch 14001 Clout tactical Axe is the most popular item to equip.

Cattle Prod

During the release of the third trailer, Cattle Prod featured a taser-like baton. Cannibals can be knocked prone by it. During in-game challenges, it is a handy weapon for defence. As a first step, you must evict the cattle ranch, but once you expel the cattle ranch, you will need minimal effort. But note that even though you have cattle prod, you still need severe damage to prevent them from returning for more.


This weapon appeared in the picture when the second trailer was released. During that trailer, we saw the player holding a very sturdy crossbow that looked rather sturdy. Crossbows and bolts are usually found in caves in the forest. So the Sons of the Forest crossbow is the same as the forest here. Also, this is a limited resource; whenever you get into the game, grab it as soon as possible. This weapon helps a lot in struggling with unavoidable challenges.


This would give the first mover advantage in Sons of the Forest. Now players have the opportunity to choose between guns. It has yet to reveal how each weapon works. Also, there needs to be more information about gunplay. But one thing is likely to confirm that the player must attach the gun to the parts scattered across the map. Apart from that, The forest series would be unique in the future time.


This is part of a pistol, but shotguns are the first to appear in The Forest series. As per the third trailer, Shotguns are bound to pack up punch, but Sons of Forest ammo are limited. From that way, one thing is clear you need to save ammo during the game to avoid shortages. I agree shotguns are much more efficient, but I recommend always having a handy primary weapon except a gun.


You might wonder about the Guitar in Sons of Forest as a starting weapon. But you will not believe the Guitar is a musical instrument; it can be a melee weapon. You can see that Guitar in the snowy cabin in the second trailer. Being a new game, there are many things left with the developers. Like there is no clarity on how much damage the Guitar does? This will be unveiled in the coming days. But one thing is clear; it can be used as a weapon.

Conclusively, As of now, this is the relevant information about Sons of Forest weapons. After reading such an analysis, we find Sons of the forest will drastically change the industry. Now even if you are a newbie, you can still take up these weapons and start your journey. I assure you will feel confident while doing every In-game challenge. Even though we have explained things, if any user has a query, ask them below.

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