BitLife Vampire Challenge: How to Bite and Impale People

The Vampire Challenge is the latest one to make its way over to Bitlife. In this guide, we will show you how to complete this mission, the last of which requires biting and impaling peoples. This text-based video simulation game is currently ruling the charts. Owing to the lucrative gameplay style and tons of amazing things to try out, this has quickly garnered praise from all the fans in no time. Furthermore, the game offers many types of career opportunities. You could become a dentist, a farmer, or even an overnight social media star.

The game also gets updated with new tasks and challenges. One among them is the BitLife Vampire Challenges. This is one of the most interesting challenges to make its way over to the game. But for competing in it and coming out as a winner, there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind. In this guide, we will list out all the requirements needed to be met to complete the BitLife Vampire Challenge. So with that in mind. let us begin.

BitLife Vampire Challenge: How to Bite and Impale People

BitLife Vampire Challenge: How to Bite and Impale People

The challenge comes with four different missions that need to complete. The missions of the BitLife Vampire Challenge are as follows:

vampire challenge

  • Live in or emigrate to Romania
  • Live to the age of 100
  • Own a 100+-year-old haunted house
  • Bite and Impale 3 people

Once you complete all these missions, you will have completed the Vampire Challenge as well. Let’s check out how to deal with all of these missions.

Live in Romania

Well, this one is pretty easy, to begin with. Start your life’s journey from Romania itself. By this we mean that create a new character and enter Romania as his place of birth. However, if you are have already started the game and are living in some other place, simply emigrate to Romania. Finding this place on the list might be somewhat difficult. So keep on checking the list until you find it and then head over to this destination.

Live up to 100 Years

Next up, your character also needs to live for 100 or more years. Although in real life that is quite difficult, doing the same in Bitlife is fortunately quite easy. There are a few points to keep in mind though. First of all, make sure that you remain fit and healthy at all stages of your life. Also regularly go to the gym, do workouts, exercise. Likewise, make sure to maintain a safe distance from drugs and alcohols and crimes that might land you in jail.

Own a 100+ years old Haunted House

haunted house

Head over to the real estate market and look out for houses, and while searching, don’t forget to check out their description. This will give you a good rough estimate as to whether the house is indeed a haunted one or not. Furthermore, the description should also give out details as to how old the house is. It doesn’t matter if it is not 100 years old, just purchase alive in this house and wait for the time to pass. However, if you aren’t able to find the house with such requirements, then refresh this real estate page next year and see if it is available then.

Bite and Impale 3 People


This is the last and probably the most difficult mission in the BitLife Vampire Challenge. T bite any people, you will have to head over to school or do it with your siblings. You could easily try doing this at a younger stage itself. However, with impaling people, things are a bit different. You could only do so once you have set your foot into adulthood. As and when that is done, head over to the Crime section of BitLife and chose the impaling option.

However as you might have noticed the said feature belongs to the crime section, hence doing so will attract some negative consequences as well. One of the most common punishments after impaling someone is to send the offender to jail. To escape from this punishment, make sure you have loads of money that could be used to hire the best lawyers in town. With that said, once you have bitten and impaled 3 people, you have completed this mission and the entire challenge also.

vampire challenge success


With this instruction, we conclude the guide on how to complete the BitLife Vampire Challenge and its four associated missions. Do let us know if you have any queries. Furthermore, do drop in your views about these tips in the comment section below. Before going, here are iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick.

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