How to bypass Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense Geographical restrictions

Though Google Pixel 4 managed to create a lot of hype before its release, prior to its release, it has been revealed that the Google flagship will not sell in certain countries. The reason for this is the groundbreaking motion sensor technology. If it sounds too sci-fi for you let us break it down. With this motion sensor, you can wave your hands in the air to change the music tracks in the music player. You can also dismiss calls using hand gestures. All this coolness is possible due to a radar chip that is present on the front face of the device.  Google Pixel 4 motion sense is amazing but not everyone gets to experience it this fall.

The bandwidth under which the Soli radar functions are banned in certain regions. For instance, it is banned in India, hence Pixel 4 will not release in India. Talking on a technical point of view, Google has put forth geo-restrictions on Soli radar. This means even if you manage to import a Pixel 4, the motion sensor will not work.

However, Android enthusiasts have found out a way to bypass this geo-restriction for the motion sensor on Pixel 4. According to XDA developer eugnis, the limitation is based on country-code based. This can be bypassed. Some basic tweaks on the code to change the permission and the motion sensor should work for you.

Most importantly, to carry out these tweaks, you need to root your Pixel 4 first. Then using ADB shell you have to enter some commands and edit the Motion Sense APK. In this guide, we will tell you how to bypass geographical restrictions on the Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense.

 How to enable Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense

How to bypass Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense Geographical restrictions

Before starting out, I need you to understand some guidelines and also get some tools that will be important for this process to be carried out successfully.


  • This guide is entirely for Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It has no relation to any other device. So, don’t try to tweak any random device using this tutorial.
  • You need to have root access on your Pixel 4.
  • The developer option must be enabled on your Pixel 4. You need to enable USB debugging to see the Developer Options tab in the Settings.
  • A PC and a USB cable
  • Installing ADB and Fastboot on your PC is a must for this process to be successful.


Modify your device only after you thoroughly understand what you have to do. GetDroidTips will not be responsible if any software or hardware issues that arise on your device after you follow this guide to tweak your smartphone.

Also, some regions may have law enforcement regulations regarding the use of a soli motion sensor. So, if you belong to such a region then use it at your own risk. GetDroidTips will take no responsibility for any law-enforcement issues in your region relating to the use of sensors making use of radar chips.

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Step-1 Connect your Google Pixel 4 to the PC

Step-2 Now go to the folder where you have installed ADB

Step-3 Right-Click + Shift > Open PowerShell window here.

Step-4 Type the following command

adb shell setprop pixel.oslo.allowed_override true

Step-5 Alternatively you may also use the following code.

adb shell "setprop persist.pixel.oslo.allowed_override true; setprop ctl.restart zygote"

That’s it. This should allow the motion sensor to work in any country. So, if you happen to be from a region where Pixel 4 is not available or the motion sensor is geographically made unavailable, then you try this tweak to see whether you can use the motion-sensing on this device.


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