Dark Water Faction Mission: Finding the Cartel Laptop From Warehouse in DMZ Season 3

Warzone 2 Season 3 brings new challenges and objectives to the DMZ mode, including the Cartel Laptop and Cartel Warehouse missions. If you’re struggling to locate the Cartel Laptop and Warehouse or complete the Dark Water faction mission, this guide will provide the information you need to succeed in these tasks, including finding the Cartel Warehouse Key from the sunken ship.

Finding the Cartel Warehouse Key from the Easternmost Sunken Ship in Al Mazrah DMZ

Before attempting to locate the Cartel Warehouse and extract the laptop, you’ll first need to find the Cartel Warehouse Key. The key can be found in the easternmost sunken ship in Al Mazrah at map coordinates E8. Equip your Rebreather, which allows you to stay underwater for extended periods, and dive into the water from the ship’s frontal side. Look for a large hole in the hull and enter through it. Inside the ship, search the area divided by rocks, specifically the smaller section towards the back. The Cartel Warehouse Key will be located on a table there.

Locating the Cartel Warehouse and Extracting the Laptop in DMZ Dark Water Mission

With the Cartel Warehouse Key in hand, start a fresh run on Al Mazrah and make your way to the Hafid Port. The Cartel Warehouse is located slightly south of the port’s center, next to the southwest corner of a large warehouse building. You can find it at map coordinates ‘C6’. Look for a green building with a “Kushaak Construction” logo.

Unlock the door on the west side of the building using the Cartel Warehouse Key. Once inside, you’ll discover several orange chests and high-quality loot. Grab the loot and search for the Cartel Laptop, which you’ll find on some shelves near the water tank.

Keep in mind that Hafid Port is a dangerous area, filled with enemy patrols and other Operators. Remain vigilant while searching for the Cartel Warehouse and Laptop, as you may encounter resistance from other players and AI enemies.


Warzone 2 Season 3 offers an exciting new set of challenges in the form of the Dark Water faction mission and the Cartel Laptop and Warehouse objectives. With this guide, including the steps to find the Cartel Warehouse Key from the sunken ship, you’ll be well-equipped to locate the Cartel Warehouse, extract the laptop, and complete the mission successfully. Stay alert and prepared as you navigate the treacherous terrain of Warzone 2 DMZ.

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