How to Change Default Microphone on Windows 10

A default microphone is the one that is your main device to provide sound input to your Windows PC. You can change the microphone depending upon whatever gadget you wish to record sound with. In this guide, I will show you how to change and set the default microphone on Windows 10. Sometimes users connect multiple microphones and test out which one is better.

There are two ways to set the microphone of your choice as the default mic for the PC/laptop you are using. One is from the sound settings of the device. Alternatively, you can access the sound configuration from the control panel section. Then you can select from the microphones or devices with mics connected to your PC. The microphone can be wired or wireless, there is no issue with that. Let’s check out both the way to enable default microphone on Windows 10.

Change Default Microphone on Windows 10

First, let’s know how to set the microphone from the device settings.

Use Windows Settings

  • Press Windows + I to open Windows settings
  • Now click on System
  • On the left-hand panel click on Sound
  • Scroll down to Choose your Input Device
    change default microphone in Windows 10
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to select between the connected device that has a microphone

Set Your Preference of Mic from Control Panel

  • Type Control Panel on the Search box of the Windows
  • Click Open
  • Then select Sound
    Sound Settings in Windows Control Panel
  • The Sound settings dialog box will open
  • Next click on the Recording tab
  • You will see the Realtek Audio which is the default microphone of your Windows PC/laptop
  • If you have other devices attached and it has a microphone that will be listed as well
  • Just select that device and right-click on it
    set default microphone
  • From the menu click on Set As Default Device
  • Whichever device you set as the default one for communication you will see a green tickmark underneath it in the Sound settings.
  • Then click Apply > click OK to confirm the change
  • Now, the input or recording will take place from the microphone of the device that you have selected

So, these are the two ways by which you can change the default microphone on Windows 10 computer. Now, you can set your choice of communication device. Go for it and take the help of this guide to set your mic.

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