How to Get Chicken in Spiritfarer

Developed and published by a Canadian studio, Spiritfarer is a sandbox action game, which is also a management simulation. The game is available for major platforms like Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Stadia.

In-game, you play as the character Stella, and your job is to ferry spirits to the afterlife. Slowly the game has gained popularity and praise from critics. In addition to detailed animations, orchestral musical score, and unique themes, the game is worth a play.

The pace of the gameplay might be slow, but it is a very comforting one, searching for spirits overseas and ferrying them to the doors of the afterlife, quite exciting.

However, in this article, we are not gonna talk about what Spiritfarer is and what you can do in-game. But we will discuss how to get chicken in Spiritfarer. If you are too familiar with the game, you are confused about getting chicken. Therefore, we will also discuss why you will need Chicken for in Spiritfarer.

How to Get Chicken in Spiritfarer

Why you will need Chicken in Spiritfarer?

There are plenty of food items in Spiritfarer. Most of them are easy to find anywhere in the game. However, some are very hard to find a requires more time and effort. Chicken is one such item, and chicken is important because you will require chicken to complete the special requests for the spirit to progress further to the questlines.

Also, chicken is a decent ingredient to keep all the spirits well-fed. However, you don’t have to worry about having chicken all the time on your hands. Moreover, you would be able to acquire chicken with other foods from the majority of your journey.

How to Get Chicken in Spiritfarer?

If you got a request from a spirit for a chicken or if you wanna well-fed all the spirits, then the chicken is your ingredient. Finding chicken is not much of a challenge if you know where to look for. However, firstly you will need to gain some progression-related upgrades for the ship, namely, also the Ice Breaker enhancement. Once you have gained these upgrades, you can proceed to the next step to acquire chicken.

If you have the Ice Breaker enhancement, you will have access to the North. On the map North, pas a barrier of Ice, there is a town in the area, if you don’t see any towns find it. In the towns, you will be able to find merchants. They have special items for sale, and chicken is one of them. The town Nordweiler will definitely have a chicken that you can buy most of the time.

To be able to go North in Spiritfarer, you must head to the shipyard and upgrade your ship with Ice Breaker ability. After that, you can head towards the North past Ice Barrier to the Nordweiler town, which is located at 3 x and 185 y. When you have reached your destination, you can go to the town to buy some chicken, rinsing. You can repeat the process as many times you need to accumulate a decent food stock.

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