How to Clear Your Cache On Any Windows Browser

Internet Browsers are very essential applications to surf on Internet, stream, or download content. Most of the websites use cookies and cache to remember your preferences. These are just tiny pieces of files that give some crucial information about the website you visit. Also, it can store information on your hard disk like, icons, metadata, URL, and configuration settings. If you allow cache and cookies to be store on your hard disk, this certainly means that deleting the browsing history won’t be enough for you. You need to clear your cache from any browser for full privacy.

Everyone is looking for information online, and in the process, we give away information about us. We don’t want anyone rather than us to have access to our personal information like political opinions, emotional problems. Though the internet is a hub of information, we almost look for anything without a second thought. Every website you visit is recorded by your browser. So when we want to remove our traces on the internet, we delete our browser history. However, deleting history isn’t enough.

How to Clear Your Cache On Any Windows Browser

How to Clear Your Cache On Any Windows Browser?

Someone with enough knowledge can check your cache or cookies and can find out which website you have last visited. Therefore, you must also delete or clear the cache on any Windows browser you have installed. You can read the steps written below, according to your browser to delete the cache.

Clear Your Cache On Chrome

These steps can be applied to all Chrome-based browsers, for example, Torch Browser, Chromium, etc.

Step 1) Launch your browser, and click on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of the window, and select the History option from the drop-down menu. You can also press Ctrl + H on your keyboard to open the history page.

Step 2) Click on the Clear Browsing Data option on the left of the History page.

Step 3) Now, on the new page, go to the Advanced tab and check the Cached images and files and Cookies ad other site data option.

Select the period of time. You can also check the other options like Download history, Browsing History, etc, and click on the Clea data button to confirm. This will delete all the cache files.

Clear Your Cache On Firefox

Step 1) The steps are quite similar to Chrome Click on the Three dots B and select the History option from the menu. It will load in a new window.

Step 2) Now, click on the option Clear Recent History or you can also press Ctrl + Shift-Del on your keyboard. A prompt will appear.

Step 3) Select the time period, which has options like Last hourEverything. Then click on the Details button, various types of data options will appear. Check on the Cache, cookies, Browsing history, etc according to your choice and click on Clear Now to delete the cache files.

Clear Your Cache On Internet Explorer

Step 1) Click on the Settings icon, select Safety, and click on Delete browsing history. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift-Del for the same task.

Step 2) Check the boxes according to the information types you want to delete. check the box besides cache and cookies. There is no option to choose the time period of your history. Your entire browsing history will be deleted.

Step 3) Click on the delete button to delete all the data.

Clear Your Cache On Safari

Step 1) Launch the Safari browser and select Clear History and Website Data option from the Safari menu on the top.

Step 2) Select the pull-down menu and select the time period. There are no options here like other browsers that you have to check the cache box to delete cache data.

Step 3)  Once you have set the range of time, click on the delete button and confirm to delete all the browsing data and cache files.

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