How to Increase Laptop Volume Above 100% in Windows 10

If you are a Laptop user, then probably you have seen that the volume of your laptop is relatively low compared to other PCs. The volume of the device depends on their sounds card, speaker, and operating system. If you are using an old laptop, then chances are you are not having any issues with the volume. Older machine speakers were a lot bigger compared to the latest laptops. However, if you are using the latest laptop and facing issues with the volume, then you would like to increase the volume above 100%. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can try to increase your Laptop’s volume above 100%.

Before proceeding to the methods, check the Windows sound mixer, if after increasing the volume to the fullest doesn’t solve your issue. Then you can use Audio Enhancement settings. However, enhancement settings only modify the feel of the sound. There are applications like Boom 3D, which you can try to give a certain boost your Laptop volume. It also depends on when you would like the maximum volume. If you want to watch a movie with maximum volume possible on your laptop, you can use VLC media player, to increase your volume over 100%. More of the methods will be mentioned below.

Method 1: Using Audio Enhancement

You can try toggling between Windows Audio enhancement options and see which on increase your Laptop Volume. It won’t give you a greater result, however, it will surely add some effects to your audio.

Step 1) Firstly, right-click on the sound icon on the taskbar and select the Open volume Mixer option.

Step 2) You can increase the volume here and check if you get the desired result. Then click on the first tab, under the Device label, the Speaker icon to open up windows sound settings.

Step 3) Now, on the Speaker Properties Window, go to the Enhancement tab. Check the boxes to turn on enhancement according to your choice and click on the Apply button.

Method 2: Increase Volume Using VLC

The VLC media player is an application to play any media files like MP4, web, etc. It can play almost any video format and audio format. So if you are using a laptop and you intend to watch a movie or to listen to a song in full volume. You can just launch the media file with VLC and increase the volume above 100% in VLC. This will give a volume boost beyond 100%, however, if you wish to get some more volume using VLC.

Then go to Tools>Preferences, and on the interface tab, select the All radio button below. Now you can enter a keyword, type Max Volume or anything else.

Select the Qt option and find the option Maximum Volume Displayed, type 300 in the text box beside, this should increase the volume more. By default, it is 125, but now you should get 300.

Of course, you would have to save the settings to get it to work. However, you can use the application to increase the volume by 100% more than usual without doing any complicated steps. Just launch the media file and increase the volume till 125 to get the maximum volume.

Method 3: Use a Volume Booster Application on your Web Browser

If you are surfing and streaming on the internet, then you would like maximum volume within your browser for the media. Chances are you are either using a Chrome-based browser or a Firefox-based browser. In both cases, they offer numerous extensions, which also includes Volume booster extensions.

You just have to visit your Chrome Extension store or Firefox Addons store and search for Volume Booster. Install the extension that has most of the ratings, in many cases. Those are the sections that really works.  After you have installed the extension, simply play your media, and click on the extension icon and increase the volume to boost your initial volume.

Volume Booster Chrome Extension

Note: Chrome extension will only boost the sound of web related content. For g. Youtube or Facebook videos.

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