How to Fix All Common Errors and Bugs in World War Z

When it comes to playing a good zombie game, nobody will say no. The nostalgia to relieve the dead and adrenaline flows in our veins that developed from the old-time horror movies. If you are also a fan of World War Z, you will not sit idle rather than playing it in your free time. But, what’s the disappointing factor here? Are you also experiencing bugs and errors while playing your favorite game on your system? In the affirmative, you need a solution for sure.

If you are facing an awkward crash, or stuttering in video streaming, or any audio issues, then you certainly need to go through the following guide for a quick solution. Regardless of the cause of the error, our following guide will endow you with the best advice to get rid of all the common errors and bugs that appear in World War Z. To see the best solution for your problem, all you need to scroll down to the following guide.

World War Z

How to rectify common World War Z errors?

  1. Unable to launch the game

Are you unable to start World War Z in your system? If yes, then you need to verify your game for which you can prefer using Epic Game Launcher or other game verification software.

Along with this, you need to turn off optimization programs from your PC. Then, switch the graphical settings to lower resolution and turn over-clocking off from your computer.

Also, you need to check World War Z is using what percentage on your CPU and RAM usage. Switch its mode to Window or Full-Screen mode if possible. In the last, you need to run Epic Launcher where you must have administrative rights to do so.

  1. Game is lagging

If you are encountering a lagging issue while playing World War Z game that you need to ensure that you have turned the Dynamic Super Sampling off or low. To do so, you need to go to the 3D settings interface where you will see Nvidia Control Panel make the changes.

You also need to adjust the in-game graphics from High/Max/Low options available so that you can check your frames per second. Keep the process continue till the time you find a specific setting leading to increase FPS.

All you need to do is changing the graphical settings one by one to find out the main error triggering graphical option.

  1. Problematic audio

When you see an issue in sound, then the most effective solution is to switch over to headphones. The people who use a subwoofer with a regular speaker should go for regular speakers.

If you still see any issue, then you can check the troubleshooting methods to find the best fix.

  1. Unable to install the game

The most disappointing thing is when you are unable to install your favorite game to your computer or laptop. If you also face this problem, then you need to make changes to Epic Launcher’s properties. To do so, check the following steps.

  1. Navigate the launcher shortcut on your computer’s desktop.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut of Epic Games Launcher and then choose Properties.
  3. To the Target field interface, you need to add –OpenGL
  4. Tap on Apply and then press OK.
  1. Black screen fix

The next error is the showcase of the black screen instead of the game visuals. If it happens, your first step should be switching the game to Window mode. If it doesn’t solve the issue, then you need to go for Verify or Repair option available in World War Z in Epic Games Launcher.

If you are still unable to fix the bug, then you can reinstall the game by uninstalling it first.

  1. Going out of memory

If you are going out of memory and it is causing hindrance in the smooth working of your game, then you need to go for following steps guide.

  1. Access the Control Panel and pick System and Security
  2. Now, tap on System interface and then opt for the Advanced System Settings
  3. Choose the Virtual Memory
  4. Then, you need to uncheck automatic managing of page file size. (Do this for all drives).
  5. Enter a value that can help you run the game effortlessly.

In case you are still facing the error, then abide by the following method.

  1. Firewall exception fix

In this method, you need to uninstall or disable your Windows firewall system that might be causing connection problems to your World War Z game. To do so, you need to add a specific program to the whitelist of the firewall for which you can abide by these steps.

  1. Access your Start Menu.
  2. Now choose the Control Panel.
  3. Then tap on the option saying Windows Firewall.
  4. And press on Allow an app/feature through Windows Firewall.
  5. Then, the Allowed App windows will unlock.
  6. Press on the Change Settings option.
  7. Tick the check-boxes next to those apps or programs that you want to allow by Windows Firewall or network connections.
  8. Tap on OK to save the changes.

Note: You need to ensure that your system has the following features to run the World War game smoothly.

CPU: Core i5-750 or Core i3-530 or AMD Phenom II X4-810
RAM: At least 8 GB
OS: Windows 7 or any new version
Video Card: AMD R7 240 GB or Nvidia GT 730 2GB or Intel HD 530Storage: Minimum 20 GB

If you have ensured that your computer has these specifications, only then you can try the methods mentioned above; otherwise, you will not get much benefit. Also, you need to check if your Windows has the updated version or not. Sometimes the games do not run well when our Windows system is not in sync with the latest updates provided by Microsoft store.

Also, you need to check if your computer is connected to a stable and robust network connection or not. In case your computer does not have access to high-signal strengthened internet, then also you will get no use with any of the above methods—all you need to be smart to run the smart technologies on your computer. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the comment box.

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