How To Complete 100 Challenge in BitLife

Life simulation games have been one of the popular genres, if not the most lucrative genres when it comes to gaming. In these life simulation games, you need to have a set goal, like you would have in your real life, for your virtual character if you wish to see desirable outcomes. Any wrong step or choice will take to a whole new track. BitLife simulator is one of the life simulation games that are hugely popular among gamers. Thanks to its text-based nature, you are not overwhelmed with plenty of options within the game and you simply need to select what is best for you.

The BitLife game came out in 2018 and is developed by CandyWriter LLC. As explained in Wikipedia, “The objective of the game is to live a digital life without struggles and difficulties, depicted with cartoons and humorous scenarios.” Basically, you need to make the correct choices and follow a path in order to be a model citizen and achieve what you want within the game. The game was first announced for the iOS platform, and after a couple of months, it was launched for the Android platform as well, making it a huge success. Interestingly, the BitLife game has been the most popular game on both Android Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

There is a new challenge called 100 Challenge in BitLife, where the player has to complete several different tasks based on the requirements of the tasks. But, why this is more challenging is that it requires you to have 100 percent stats, for instance, 100 happiness, health, smarts, and looks. And in this guide, we will give you all a stepwise guide on how you can complete the 100 challenge in BitLife game with all the requirements fulfilled. So, that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:


How To Complete 100 Challenge in BitLife?

Before you go ahead and read about how you can complete 100 Challenge in BitLife, you should go through the list of requirements that you are needed to have in order to successfully complete it:

  • Be 100 years old
  • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
  • Have 100% Happiness
  • Have 100% Health
  • Have 100% Smarts
  • Have 100% Looks

AS already mentioned, you need to have a perfect set of 100 percent stat in order to complete the 100 Challenge task. Coming in as a breather, you do not need to have any specific requirements when it comes to your nationality or gender. But, in our opinion, you should try gaining 100 in smart and looks as they are more challenging in the BitLife game. And for that, a tip: Choose the BitLife shirt when you are in your wardrobe as it gives your Smart stats a boost.

Once you are acquainted with all the requirements, here are the steps on how you can achieve 100 percent on the aforementioned stats:

100% Happiness

Well, you gain happiness in a lot of ways, be in the BitLife game or real life. And thus, this is probably the easiest to achieve. So, make sure that you head out to movies, do activities with your friends, converse, go for walks, head on for a vacation. You can also have a loving relationship with your better half, children, purchase luxury items. Basically, you have to perform all the things that would make the character in the BitLife game, happy.

100% Smart

Smartness will come if you read a lot. And in the BitLife game, this is no different. So, in order to achieve 100 percent Smart, you need to head over to the library, study hard in school, college. This stat is pretty hard to maintain as there is nothing much that you can do about it, but what we would advise is that you should make sure that right from your character’s initial days, you are studying and learning more and more to get 100 stats in Smart.

100% Health

Regularly visiting the doctor, eating healthy food, working out, visiting the gym making sure that you are fit, are the key things that you need to maintain in order to get 100 stats in Health. You also can modify your diet as er you age to keep the right amount of protein and minerals going in your body to keep you fit.

100% Looks

Looks can be a bit harder to maintain as you are aging. And for that, you need to make sure that you are hitting the gym at the right time and are sticking with the fitness plan to stay healthy and ultimately, boost your looks. Make sure that you visit the spas and barbershop to maintain good looks. Head over to get tanned, waxed, and go through the knife for a life-altering surgery early in your life to get good looks.

Bank Balance of $100

You also need to make sure that you have $100 in your bank when you are aging for 100 years. Make sure that you have someone in your life who are gifting and giving you money. And if you more than $100 in your account, give away gifts or do something such that the bank balance is exactly $100. We are stressing on the fact that you need to maintain $100 is because you literally do need exactly $100 in your bank account in order to complete the 100 Challenge task.

100 challenge bitlife
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So, there you have it from my side in this post. Make sure that you go through all the required steps and the methods to achieve them, in the aforementioned guide. This will give you a quick glance over what you need to do in order to complete the 100 Challenge in the BitLife game. Let us know in the comments below if you liked this guide or you found this guide helpful for completing the 100 Challenge in BitLife game. Also, let us know whether you were able to complete the challenge in the BitLife simulation game or not? Well, we think if you have all the requirements as mentioned above and you are quite adamant from the initial days, then you would surely be able to complete the test. Until the next post…Cheers!

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