How To Complete the Signals Intelligence Contract In Warzone 2 DMZ

A new contract has been added to the Vondel map in Call of Duty Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. The Signals Intelligence mission, which was first introduced in Season 4, is now available in other modes thanks to the Reloaded update. Completing this mission on the Vondel map can earn you cash to purchase Killstreaks and Field Upgrades from the shop. The rewards are divided into ten installments during a match, providing a steady income over time. Keep reading if you want to take on a new challenge while battling your enemies in Vondel!

How To Complete the Signals Intelligence Contract In Warzone 2 DMZ

What is Signals Intelligence Contract in Warzone 2 DMZ

When playing Call of Duty: Warzone, there is a game mode called DMZ where players are given a Signals Intelligence contract to find and hack other contract phones located throughout the Vondel map. These contract initiation sites are randomly placed, but the Signals Intelligence contract logo will help guide you to them. As illustrated above.

During the contract, you can use the tac map as your go-to tool. It will indicate other assignments in blue and alert you to the nearest ones for your convenience. Locate the corresponding phones and activate them to initiate the hacking process. Once you have successfully hacked three phones, the contract is considered fulfilled.

After finishing the Signals Intelligence contract in Warzone 2, you will receive an initial cash reward. But that’s not all. As the match continues, all members of the team will receive extra payments. This cycle repeats ten times, so you will keep earning even if you are defeated and come back to the battle in Resurgence mode.

How to Complete Signals Intelligence Contract in Warzone 2 DMZ

In Call of Duty DMZ, completing diverse contracts brings in XP and cash. The Signals Intelligence Contract forms an essential part of the Passive Income mission for the Phalanx faction. This contract lets you hack other contract phones scattered around the map, adding to your earnings passively throughout your run. Here’s how to quickly complete it in DMZ and Warzone.

How to Start Signals Intelligence Contract in DMZ

Signals Intelligence Contract

To begin a Signals Intelligence Contract, you will need to obtain a designated contract phone. Vondel is a great place to find these types of contracts. Once you have the phone, your objective is to locate and hack three other contract phones. When the Signals Intelligence Contract begins, all other contract phones on the map will change color from green to light blue, which will make them easier to find. To save time, it is best to focus on hacking the three closest phones.

Find a Signals Intelligence Contract in Warzone DMZ

To identify Signals Intelligence Contracts, look for the distinctive wire pattern on the green contract phones. The DMZ map displays these contracts with yellow circles to help you locate them. Simply select a contract location on the map to begin.

How to Receive 10 Signals Intelligence Payment

As part of the Passive Income mission for the Phalanx faction, you must collect ten Signals Intelligence Payments in DMZ. However, this doesn’t necessitate the completion of ten separate Signals Intelligence Contracts. You can earn the payments by completing just one or two of these contracts. Once you’ve hacked the phones, a completion pop-up will appear, indicating that you’ve completed the task. Remember, the longer you remain on the map, the greater your chances of receiving multiple payments from Signals Intelligence Contracts. The progress bar gives you an idea of how the payments will accumulate over time.

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