How to Create and Use AutoText in Microsoft Word

If you are drafting a dozen of emails in Microsoft Word every day, then you must know about AutoText entry. To save your time while composing emails you can create entries that will fill up the words and the phrases that you frequently use in your mail body.

Instead of wasting a few seconds typing that word or phrase in your Word documents, you can instead let the AutoText fill up the same and save your time. In this guide, I will show you how to create, use and even delete AutoText in Microsoft Word.

How to Create and Use AutoText in Microsoft Word

Create and Save AutoText Entry in a Word Document

Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Draft a new document or open an existing Word file
  • Using mouse/trackpad highlight the text from that document that you wish to auto-enter next time you prepare a draft
  • Press Alt +F3 
  • The Create New Building Block dialog box will show up
  • In the section Name type a name (you’re allowed up to 32 characters)
  • After that click OK to save your AutoText entry

Inserting AutoText in Microsoft Word

Now, here is how you put up the AutoText in your current as well as future draft.

  • Make sure your document draft is to open in MS Word
  • Keep the cursor at the instance where you want to insert the AutoText.
  • in the menu bar click on Insert
  • Under the Text section, beside the Text Box, click on Explore Quick Parts
  • A menu will open up in which you have to click on AutoText
  • this will redirect you to the list of AutoText entries that you have created
  • select your entry that you need for the specific document or email that you’re drafting


Deleting An AutoText Entry

If you want to remove your AutoText due to any reason like creating a new format of draft or editing exist draft you can do so easily.

To remove AutoText entry,

  • Click Insert > go to Explore Quick Parts under Text section
  • from the menu select AutoText
  • Now you will see the list of AutoText entries
  • Right-click on the desired AutoText
  • select Organize and Delete from the corresponding menu
  • The Building Blocks Organizer dialog box will appear
  • the selected AutoText entry will be highlighted
  • Click on Delete and click on Yes to confirm


So, that was the detailed and step-by-step guide to create, use and remove AutoText entry in Microsoft Word. If you use MS Word and create a number of drafts of a similar type, then using AutoText will ease your work.

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