Cult of the Lamb Best Way to Get Gold, Food, Grass, Bones, and Woods

Cult of the Lamb has stood out as a pretty interesting game that almost gives a feel of the town-builder genre games. The cute-looking creatures give an impressive view, plus, the mix of multiple genres makes it worth a try. It basically allows you to create your own cult with followers to follow you. And this unique concept has earned it quite a considerable fanbase over a really short period of time. However, being a resource-heavy game, it can be quite a tough job for beginners to pull things out.

In the early game, you are always in a crisis of resources. Moreover, the worst part is that it is quite tough to gather resources if you don’t know where to look for them. So, if you are just a beginner, you should keep the basic idea of where to look for resources. Fortunately, if that’s your goal, you have landed on the right page.

This article describes the best ways to get the most important resources like Gold, food, grass, bones, etc; in Cult of the Lamb. And once you are familiar with how and where to look for them, you can progress rapidly in the game without any interruption.

Cult of the Lamb Best Way to Get Gold, Food, Grass, Bones,and Woods

Cult of the Lamb Best Way to Get Gold, Food, Grass, Bones, and Woods

Although there are a bunch of other resources such as stones, lumbers, etc., we will particularly look into some of the most important ones for your survival in the game. We will specifically see what these resources are, how can they help you in Cult of the Lamb, and the best way to look for them throughout the game.

How to get Gold in Cult of the Lamb?

Just like in real life, money buys you everything in Cult of the Lamb as well. However, most parts in the later game require Gold bars rather than regular coins. And you cannot get these as easily as you gather normal coins.

Instead, you will need to build your own refinery and ask all your followers to turn the normal coins into gold bars. Besides, you can also get Gold bars by converting them from Gold Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can be found as loot rewards from the chests and on some specific rocks.

How to get Food in Cult of the Lamb?

Food is again an important resource to keep your Cult going. Now, in Cult of the Lamb, you will get a variety of food. While some of them are abundant in the game, some are scarce and essential in emergencies. And well, there are not one or two, but multiple ways to get more food in Cult of the Lamb.

Firstly, you can consider investing in the Farm Plots as they can be a great source of getting food. In the beginning, you will have to do most of the tough parts such as planting the plants and watering them. However, once you have built a station, you can get your followers to do all the work for you.

Secondly, look for the regions in the Lands of the Old Faith. The entire land has its own associated crops that grow from region to region. Just look at the icons available to find the fields of foods like pumpkins, berries, and so on for harvesting.

Next, you can walk up to a merchant named Rakshasa at the entrance of Anchordeep. After completing the second region, i.e., Anura, Rakshasa opens a permanent shop in Anchordeep where he sells food and even seeds.

Fourthly, Grassy Gruels can come in as a great source to keep your followers fed up with. Although it comes with a few side effects, they are not much serious and can be treated pretty quickly. But what’s important is that you can make use of it in the worst situation or when you are in a scarcity of food. Since they are abundant it won’t be great trouble looking for them while crusading.

The nighttime, you can chase the little spiders and consider them as a potential source of food. They are both good and cheap and above all easy to find as well.

The next place is the Pilgrim’s Passage area. It has an interesting minigame for fishing. You can spend some good time paired with the rituals of the Oceans Bounty to keep fishing. It is one of those quality meals and more importantly you can pull quite a good amount of fish to feed your followers for a longer time.

And finally, we have the special one, i.e., meat. Although it is a rare one to find Perhaps you can set up a Missionary and let your followers look after it. You can also find it in the campfires. All you need to do is attack it to find the treasures it contains.

How to get Grass in Cult of the Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb Best Way to Get Gold, Food, Grass, Bones, and Woods

Grasses are an important resource in Cult of the Land. This is because grasses are used for multiple purposes such as making decorative pieces, in food like Grassy Gruel, etc. It can also be used as fuel to help increase the devotion speed as well.

You can find grass by cutting down the tall grassy bushes all around the rooms. Since it is easy to find, you can look for it pretty much everywhere. However, the dark woods have abundant of it. Just keep chopping down till the last and you will never run out of grass in Cult of the Lamb.

How to get Bones in Cult of the Lamb?

Next, we have the bones, a kind of magic that can be used to enact any ritual. Just as useful as they are, they are also very rare to get in the beginning. However, the methods below will curve an easy way out to get your hands on some Bones in the game.

First of all, one of the most potent ways to lay your hand on bones is by killing the mini-bosses and bishops in the game. Even though it will be quite dangerous, all that risk is worth the reward you receive.

Another easier way to do this is by clearing the enemy rooms. It will offer you the bones of your enemies.

If you go through the Crusade map, you will see a cross-bone icon over there. This icon specifically points towards a resource room that is full of bones.

Also, most of the time you harvest a follower, it yields some amount of bones as well. So, that’s basically another good source to look for bones in the world of Cult of the Lamb.

And if all that is still not enough, you can go to the merchant selling flowers. He has a few bags filled with bones. So, that’s another place to try out while you are crusading in search of bones.

How to get Woods in Cult of the Lamb?

Our final resource for the day is wood. And surely wood is a very necessary resource in the entire game just like the others. Well, you can get your hands on woods by simply cutting the giant trees down. You can even ask your followers to do so.

Besides, you can also refer to the lumber symbol presented on the map to find out rooms full of trees. By cutting down these trees, you will then manage to have some extra amount of wood. If that’s not enough, you can find some by chopping down the trees by the Pilgrim’s passage or Lonely Shack. Although they are a one-time thing so do not expect them to grow back after chopping once.

Cult of the Lamb Best Way to Get Gold, Food, Grass, Bones, and Woods

Another potential source might be the Lumber Mill. But you need to unlock it by letting your cultists worship and increase the Devotion in order to get the Divine inspiration. Once you unlock the mill, you can make your follower keep chopping them to get more wood.

You can also consider unlocking the missionary and then choosing a high-level follower to help you find more lumber. Make sure with your choice, if you pick a wrong follower, they might not even make it back alive.


So, these were some of the most important resources that you would need to survive in the Cult of the Lamb. As most of these resources can be extracted from multiple sources, if you can look into the places carefully, you will never again have to face scarcity. However, the search might not be as easy as it sounds here, so be ready to grind a little to make the best out of it.

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