DayZ Best Base Locations 2023 | Chernarus, Livonia, Namalsk, or More

DayZ is a survival game developed by Bohemia Interactive. The game comes with unique gameplay. In this game, you have to kill and protect yourself from the Zombies to win the game. There will be different maps where you have to go and kill zombies without getting infected by them. For this, the player has to protect themselves by making base in the various regions.

There are various regions available in the game where you must build your base to hide from the enemies. Some famous regions from the games are Chernarus, Livonia, Namalsk, and more. We will list some bases for all the main regions where you can survive easily and protect yourself from Zombies.


Best Base Locations For DayZ

We will mention the different base locations for the game. These bases will be based on the regions. Check them out to survive till the end of the game.


DayZ Chernarus

These are the base locations for the Chernarus in the game. Check them now.

Kalinovka Base

The Kalinovka Base is a sparse village in the north of Severograd. It is located in the north of the neighbouring city Severograd. The base is paired with a smaller hamlet along with the route of the Kamensk Military Base. The village in which the Kalinovka Base is small but still it has some general stores and a water pump, which will give you proper resources. This will be a good place to make your base for survival from the zombies.

The Shipwreck

Rify is the location of a cargo ship in the northeastern of Chernarus+. The Shipwreck is located at the coordinates 137 042. You will find open cargo containers there. The Shipwreck has a broken hull which will give you access to both the bow and the stern halves of the ship.

All the levels in the shipwreck are accessible and will contain loot for you. You will be able to find clothing as it spawns in the cargo bays and decks. Similarly, you will get weapons, food, and military-grade loot in the crew quarters and bridge. The Shipwreck is the main focal point of the DayZ lore. The open containers are the storage of the infected. Some of the places where you will get access through the shipwreck are:

  • Cargo ship
  • Bridge
  • Crew quarters

The Caves

The Cave is the other base that you will find in the town of Kamensk. It was the original mining facility that was outside the town. It is another good base to get loot and protect yourself from infected enemies. In the cave, you will find a tunnel through the rocks, and in the last of the tunnel, you will get a larger room along with some ceiling through which the light and air will be passing. This will be a good base for you. You can also loot in the town when you come to the cave.

Kozlov’s Peak

This is a mountain in Chernarus. It is in Kozlov’s Peak and it is often used as a landmark for travelling. However, you will not find loots on the mountain. This base has direct access to the road from Cape Golova, where you can easily find items for the loot. When you are coming here, then you have to find the loots from there.

Some other benefit of climbing the mountain is that you will get an excellent view of the coast. You will find some buildings directly south of the mountain and a water fountain. This will be a good place to protect yourself from zombies and get perfect loot.

Kozlovka Base

This base is near Kozlov’s Peak. When you are traveling to Zelenogorsk from the coast, then you will find it. There are proper loot locations: the residential building, farm buildings, general store, and water pump. There is a deer stand that lies to the east among the trees and the other one is at the southeast tree line. Through that, you will get proper loot on your way.

Kemenka Base

The Kamenka Base is another great option for you to stay in. You will find decent loot from the town and when you head to the north then will get access to the three deer stand along with the way to Zelenogorsk.

Some other locations where you can get proper loot are the grocery store and gas station, which are in the west of the town. Another reason for going west is the small evacuation at the end of the highway. You will get some other loot from there, which will help in survival.


Here is the base location you can use when playing in the Livonia region.

Gieraltow Small Workshop

The Small Workshop in Gieraltow will give you good protection from the zombies. This base is close to military spawns, so you will be able to find the weapons, clothes, food, etc easily. Along with it, the animals spawn closely to this location which will help you in getting your food. This base has multiple gates, so in case if anyone raids then you can use the other gate to protect yourself. The other good thing about this base is that you will get plenty of storage through which you can easily store your items there.

Nadbor Bunker Shed

The Nadbor Bunker Shed is another best base for your Livonia map. It is closed to military spawns and industrial spawns. Along with it, you will also find a well near the base through which you can easily fill water for yourself. This bunker shed comes with a lot of space for the gates as well as it has room for an airlock. You will find a lot of space here which you can utilize by parking cars, barrels, and tents.

The Bunker Shed has a roof that comes with a lot of space. You can use it for various purposes. The other benefit of this base is the high ground. It will help you in defending yourself from the raiders.

Military Watchtower

The Military Watchtowers are tall; metal posts are used to secure the military base. It will be only found around the military complexes. This Watchtower has more loot and you will be able to keep an eye on a long distance.

Dolnik HQ Building

This base is good for the players as you will get tier 3 loots here. Along with the loots, industrial spawns are available here. The players have the benefit that the building has only one entrance so that they don’t have to worry about the raider’s entry from other gates. The building has a lot of space available for making multiple gates. The players can also make the entrance double-layered to ensure protection from the raider.

Lukow Airfield

This is another great base for you in Livonia. The Lukow Airfield has access to a lot of loots. You will find an airfield which is spread over 1 km. Some other important buildings that you will find in it are ATC Tower, Service Hangar, and Military Encampment. There are many benefits for the mentioned building. The other important thing you need to note is that the ATC Tower has many loots. So, we will suggest that you must visit the ATC Tower for loot and a lot of space for making your base.

Military Barracks

The Military Barracks was the building that was used for the accommodation of paramilitary and military forces from the Chernarus. Due to this, the players will be able to find a lot of loot from it. The barracks can be used by the players without any modification, so you don’t have to search for many resources. There are a lot of barracks that have single doors, multiple doors, and much more. All the barracks have a lot of loot which will be helpful for you. Make sure to check them out.



Following are the base locations of Namalsk.


It is one of the bases in Namalsk. You will find the needed loots here. Before that, you have to block the entrance so that the raiders can’t get entry into it. It can hold a max of 20 people in the building. You will find a lot of room in it, along with some spawned tents. The base gives you the accessibility for a lot of storage. Those players who like to snipe will get the advantage of the balcony that is on the top of the building.

Sebjan Dam

The Sebjan Dam is a great location if you make yourself safe at night while traveling through the route. However, it is not a quiet base, as other players also come while traveling here. This base has a factory which has a lot of space so you can build it here according to your need. There are a lot of doors in the factory, so you have to close them to protect yourself from zombies. You will also get access to the balcony through which you can snipe easily.

There is another benefit for the factory base, as there is a tower near it. So, we will suggest that you should utilize it too.


You will find a building which will have a lot of space. The building has multiple rooms, and you will get a lot of industrial spawn here. You will get the ladder in the base, which you can use to get to the top of the room. You can use this as your base for different scenarios. Make sure to block the entrances at night.

Tara Harbor

There is a base that is near the location. It is a type of piano house in the back of some industry. The base has a lot of doors and you have to block this. Some rooms can be used as storage rooms as well as there are some little rooms too in the building which can be used for different purposes. You will get lots in the building and in the garden in front of the building. There is an industry where you can easily get industrial loots. You can take the advantage of the hill and get a lot of angles for killing infected zombies.

Athena Research

Athena Research is another good idea for your base. It has a lot of multiple rooms and comes with a lot of storage. You will also get a lot of loots in the building. There is an underground bunker in the building. You can build there too, but it is very small, so you have to think before building. However, you will get some industrial loots in the bunker, so check it. A rooftop has a balcony that you can use for sniping.


In this DayZ guide, we have mentioned all the best bases you can use in Chernarus and other maps. We hope you will get a lot of loots in the mentioned base. Along with it, if you have some other best base locations, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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