Diablo 4 Farming Guide: Best Locations To Farm Legendary Items & Gold

This Diablo 4 Farming guide will take you through the best locations to farm legendary items and gold. Diablo 4 is the latest game in the Diablo series, which has recently been fully released, much to fans’ excitement. This is just after its beta version was made available in March 2023. You can select the class you desire from five playable classes to make your character out of, as character building plays a significant role in this game. There are tons of equipment to choose from, which you can get as loot from defeating enemies.

The game is chock full of enemies, and you will encounter them left and right. There is a diverse array of monsters that you must defeat to progress through the game. Each monster has its strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll discover how to kill them all. When you collect their loot, you can become more powerful and defeat the harder bosses. For that, you will need some extra help, which comes in the form of legendary items and gold. Without further ado, let’s find out where to find the best locations to farm legendary items and gold in this Diablo 4 farming guide.

Where to get Legendary Items & Gold – Diablo 4 Farming Guide

There are many ways to farm Gold and high-end gear in Diablo 4, but knowing the most efficient way is crucial to your success in Diablo 4. We have listed some of the best ways that you can get powerful equipment in the game. Let’s first describe them in brief.

  • Hold Your Ground is a world event where you defend a location from waves of enemies. You can earn Legendaries and Gold and level up quickly here.
  • Animus Carriers in Dungeons drop high-value loot. This makes them a popular farming spot among players. All you need to do is defeat some enemies, and you will get valuable items to help you in your journey through the game.
  • “Wrathful” Osgar Reede is a level 35 Elite that drops level 35 power items and other valuable loot. However, this fight is not easy and is more geared toward players who prefer a challenge.

Each method has its pros and cons. Let’s dive into each method to find out which one suits your playstyle best in this Diablo 4 farming guide.

How to participate in the Hold Your Ground World event

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One of the ways to farm for Legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4 farming is by participating in the Hold Your Ground world event. You can find this event northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in the northern part of the Frigid Expanse region of Fractured Peak. The event isn’t particularly difficult and scales with your character level, but you must take caution as you face each wave of enemy mobs.

In this event, you will encounter enemy mobs, such as skeletons, demons, and other monsters. These enemies come in different shapes and sizes, with different strengths and weaknesses. Some can be taken out with a single hit, while others require several hits to defeat. You must be strategic in your approach to take on these enemies effectively.

After the event, you can get rewards like XP and Legendaries. The cool thing about this method is you can go back to your town and come back in a few minutes to start the event again. This makes it a good way to get Legendary items and Gold many times in Diablo 4. Additionally, completing multiple runs of the event can help you gain more experience and become stronger, as well as learn new strategies for taking on different types of enemies.

Overall, the Hold Your Ground world event is an exciting and rewarding way to farm for Legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4 farming. With its multiple waves of enemy mobs, varied enemy types, and different rewards, this event will surely keep your coffers full and your equipment in tip-top shape.

Anica’s Claim Dungeon in Diablo 4

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Anica’s Claim Dungeon is one of the most effective ways to farm for Gold and Legendary items in Diablo 4. It is located south of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in Malnok and is home to Animus Carriers (Elite), each of which drops Legendaries and other high-level gear. The Dungeon’s large number of Animus Carriers makes it such an effective farming method. With so many Animus Carriers in the Dungeon, you’ll likely find a ton of great loot.

But that’s not all there is to it. To increase the amount of Gold you can farm for Diablo 4 farming; you should look for and interact with the Greed Shrine in the Dungeon. Activating these structures causes enemies to drop Gold whenever you hit them. In addition, you can sell any items you don’t want for more Gold. Anica’s Claim Dungeon is near the Hold Your Ground world event in Diablo 4, making it the best place to farm Legendaries and Gold. You might find other Dungeons where you can get Animus Carriers, but this one is the most efficient.

It’s important to remember that when your inventory is full while farming in Anica’s Claim Dungeon, you should not leave the Dungeon. You can reset the Dungeon and return to town to sell your items. Afterward, you can return to the Dungeon and start farming again. The reset option allows you to preserve your progress while still being able to sell the items you have collected, thereby maximizing your Gold earnings.

Using this Diablo 4 Farming method, you can earn around 25,000 Gold per run, which should take about five minutes. That should get you all the gold you need! You can sell the other items or extract them. If you find something you like about a Legendary item but you don’t need the entire item, you can use the Occultist to extract that specific part and apply it to another item instead of selling it.

How to fight the level 35 Elite “Wrathful” Osgar Reede

To get a lot of Gold and Legendary items for Diablo 4 Farming, you can fight an Elite named “Wrathful” Osgar Reede. You can find this Elite in Camios Landing, in the western part of Nostrava. To get there, use the Nostava Waypoint. Osgar Reede is different from other Elites, so you need to be skilled and careful when fighting him. In addition, this Elite is fire-enhanced, which means that you need to be extra cautious and avoid getting hit as much as possible. Instead, try to kite the boss and land attacks only when it’s safe.

Notably, the fight against Osgar Reede can be quite challenging and requires a lot of patience, strategy, and quick reflexes. You must have the necessary skills and equipment to take on this formidable foe. For instance, you may need to upgrade your weapons, armor, and skills to increase your chances of success. Additionally, you may need to team up with other players to form a strong party and coordinate your attacks effectively.

Assuming you can overcome the odds and defeat Osgar Reede, you should be prepared for the explosive aftermath. The explosion at the end of the fight can deal significant damage, so you need to be ready to dodge and evade any incoming attacks. Nevertheless, the rewards for defeating Osgar Reede are well worth the effort and risk. You can expect to receive high-value loot and level 35 power items, which can significantly boost your gaming experience.


That concludes our Diablo 4 farming guide. We have shown you the above methods, but the best way to get loot quickly is the most challenging one. You’ll need to head to Camios Landing in Nostrava for high-value items and take on “Wrathful” Osgar Reede. However, ensure you’re well-prepared, or the boss’ll flatten you in seconds.

We hope this Diablo 4 Farming Guide has helped provide you with the necessary knowledge and tips to succeed in your farming journey. Farming for Legendary items and Gold in Diablo 4 can be a fun and rewarding experience if you know where to look. We’ve covered three of the most effective methods for farming in Diablo 4, including the Hold Your Ground world event, Anica’s Claim Dungeon, and fighting “Wrathful” Osgar Reede. Each method offers unique challenges and rewards, so it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your play style.

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